22 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Initial Stage Of LOVE !!!

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       One Sunday has ended too..A bore Sunday..It was for me..Lying on bed and managing your body and keeping a hand on your heart and screaming - All Izz Well_All Izz Well  because you are sick doesn't make your day..From tomorrow my Unit Tests are beginning..Its feeling like My father is sending me to fight against a wild bull without any clothes..and only an underwear that too of RED color which encourages Bull to attack you..Haven't read even a Single word and dreaming of filling every answer with 3 pages of the answer-sheet..Its like loving Amrita Rao and dreaming of a figure and attitude like Mallika Sherawat..I do remember when once in exam , I asked my supervisor to help me and He retaliated " Besharam, padhai likhai kuch nahi , aa gaye hain exam hall mein ladkiyaan taakney". I felt so ashamed at that moment ki I felt like leaving studies at that moment but then I realized , This same dialogue would have been used on the same sir by his teacher in his school days..And he has used same on me...So I shouldn't listen to him and because of this funny thinking, I have reached till here -GRADUATION..Otherwise I was toh thinking of leaving studies..Hahaha...

            One week has passed after Valentine's Day...Many of the hungry people of having love with someone..Many people eager to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend..Would have opined their Heart's feeling on this very day and today they have completed One week of their relationship...In the initial moments of an affair, we avoid every quarrel, brawl and bicker with our partner..We love everything whatever they do, whatever they speak, whatever they wear , whatever they use...We start loving the brand they use..We start loving the actors they are crazy for..We start loving the area where they live..We start loving the color they love even if we hated that color right from our birth..Everything changes when you have a partner suddenly ...Even I remember , I used to spray a perfume..But could smell only when My Ex-Gf used to sit besides me..This is how I define LOVE after this that When you can experience the fragrance of your perfume only when your partner is sitting besides you, You can say that you are in LOVE...The perfume which my ex-gf used to spray on her body..I used to feel the same smell of it when I used to be at my home sitting besides my father..and because of that I started loving my father again albeit he continued to give me sarcasm replies because I felt that the same smell is coming from my father's body..But after the break-up , when she used to cross me , I used to feel the smell of the same perfume as the smell of the rotten dead rat..This is what happens when you are in Love and when you realize that it wasn't Love, It was just an Attraction and infatuation..As we say this in smug and self-satisfaction..and because of this I again started noticing my father's sarcastic words because I felt like he has that dead rotten rat in his body somewhere.. ;-)

            So , Valentine's day's victims, please be aware of these changing feelings otherwise you will end up with a wedding with the same girl you have proposed this year..and then you will have no choice...Now-a-days I'm reading One Night @ the call-center from Chetan Bhagat.. He has a good quality of expressing his thought on a situation in his writings..That is why I love reading his books..Today in DNA paper , I saw the column stating Best-sellers of this week..And his 2 STATES is again at No. 1 and his FIVE POINT SOMEONE at No. 4.. I can imagine his feelings of experiencing his two books in the Top 5 Bestsellers..His novel - FIVE POINT SOMEONE has given us a super-duper hit - 3 IDIOTS.. All the credits of the film first goes to Chetan Bhagat..Then to Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi and then to Amir Khan..Let the film's crew and cast vociferate anything..What is correct is CORRECT..You can't change it..So Chetan Bhagat , I'm always with you..I want to meet you..But have no idea How should I do this..But will surely meet you in coming 5 years.That's my PROMISE..(conditions applied)



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