21 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Nothing is PERMANENT / Maintain the SUCCESS !!!

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        Again this lovely disease -Cough and Cold has entered with its virus in my body..I dont understand how do I get influenced from this disease at the time when my exams are just a step away from me..From Monday, I'll be writing my Unit test..and Im suffering with this vertigo just now..I just hate to be the victim of viral diseases..I just hate myself when Im unwell..I just hate when my body says NO to any movement and activity..Dull Eyes - Shivering Lips - Uncombed Hairs - Inactive Face - Tired throat - Paining Body , I just hate all these factors of illness..Swallowing tablets is really a terrible task to perform while we are suffering with this jeopard situation...I dont love this apparition of diseases..But then I think that its not Permanent and will have to go after sometime and then start smiling and start moving my muscles around and dont sit Idle to showcase my vicissitude to everyone...

            People tremble up facing Failure....They lose hope..They turn despondent..they have no more ardency towards the new pages of life which is going to teach you more...and will make you a perfect human being..Emotions run high at this time...I , in my past , really was afraid of Failure..But as soon as I read some articles and novels , I got a will to perform better than what I did..I took my failure as a part of my Life's Progress Report..And accepted the fact that My graph has tilted downwards..But I didn't slept after this..I bought courage to stand up and run after the hard works and thrill everyone with the sudden rise of my Graph..I again failed..and graph tilted to its extreme downwards...And finally worked more harder and the last conclusion is that Graph is high again..I won Traditional Day on 6th Feb, The very next day I was selected in TIE DAY but loosed in the finals..I didn't took this as a serious issue and didn't enraged on anyone..Not even on Jury and not even on my parents who gave me some silly ideas on what to wear..And I participated in every days after it with all my hearts and hopes...Nothing is PERMANENT..remember this..Not Failure and not even Success is PERMANENT..Not misery and poorness and Not even richness and wealth is PERMANENT..Not even ugliness and not even beauty is PERMANENT...So you cannot relax at any moment in your life which you feel will continue forever in your life..Never ever you can rely on any fact till its reaches its END..

            Being Successful isn't a great achievement..It is ...I agree but MAINTAINING it forever is the biggest achievement..You cannot sit idle and dally as you are successful contemporarily , You will have to work..I'm not saying that show - off in front of everyone that you are developing but do tell everyone about your achievements and failure so that theres a little amount of pressure on you as you will have to disclose your next result ..And this little pressure act as a Motivator..Never hide any fact from the people around you who cares for you..Never ever take anything for granted even..Like the love from your parents..The support of your friends..The compliments and blessings of your elder..Rather love the ones who are doing these to you..Because today in this competing world, there's a lot of malapropism which means confusion between words..So don't get confused between any words..Try to be conscious and amicable..Complete your tasks at a time..Don't even slog to complete the task before time..Some people in their life run so fast behind success that they leave many relations and happy moments behind and end up being lonely and depressed and broken..Heart and Will is Brittle..This is a fact..You wouldn't have read this anywhere else bcoz this is my experience and I'm saying it with all the belief in me that Im committing a right message in front of you all...So don't spend you time is dizziness if you are successful...Get up and try to build up a legacy like Amitabh Bachchan and Nelson Mandela..

            And remember ...Try something that people want to be like you and not you willing to be like someone else..Think a lot on what I have said and without fear of the Failure get up and create a history...Thanks a lot for reading this blog...I'm really feeling snifter at this time as ill body is not allowing to sit straight and write more...So I'm moving...Have a Bright Sunday today...Go on an outing with your family or friends and laugh to your fullest without hiding your teeth...Love you all... 



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Unknown said...

Dear Veeru,I would suggest that you read Reader's Digest,in order to improve the vocabulary and grammer,(already improved now).
Wish you all success in your endeavor.
With Love,

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Tauji...Surprised to see your comment on my post..Thanks for reading and then thanks for commenting and motivating me ...And Tauji yes I did read Reader's Digest when I was in 9th and 10th..I used to read every edition of it..But now as graduation studies and assignments doesn't leaves any time...I do sleep only for 3 to 4 hours then too Time is all spent in coping up with the portions..I read novels daily for half an hour...Just to be in touch of english and new words and new ways of expressing our views when we write...But as u have reminded me of this Reader's Digest ,, I ll do start reading it too....

Im also happy that you have found me improved as vocabulary and grammar is concerned...But still you find minute mistakes, Ill do correct them with the time..Learn them..Try to be perfect as a writer so that you will comment that u r 100 percent correct now in your grammar and vocabulary and now publish a book rather than reading it..

Hope Hope Hope.. But Ill do read reader's Digest now onwards...And thanks tauji for your wonderful comment...Thanks a lot..

Ur Son,

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