6 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Fight-Conversation With My EX-GF !!!

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         Naa Jaaney Koi Kaisi Hai Ye Zindagaani...
             Hamaari Adhooriee Kahaanii.... 

             Yesterday I left all of you with a suspense that which rose am I going to offer to my ex-gf to start my relationship again with her..Finally the suspense is Over..and I'm up again with a twist in tale..There was no one in my class today who bought flowers except me and Yusuf..We bought 20 Roses to distribute among all the boys of our classes and some girls who are sweet to us..We did the same..Everyone forced me to give Red Rose-Symbol of love to my ex-gf..I again and again requested everyone to wait for some more minutes..But finally after being impatient , Mallaika went to my ex-gf and presented her two flowers and said " Abhilash has sent this for you..Please accept this" She readily replied " No ..Please " ..After sometime Rexy went to her and asked why you refused the flowers from Abhilash and she said " Rexy, you know all the hectic problems of my life and therefore I dont want to keep any relationship with any boy" Now isn't this sentence like Kasab saying I love Sonia Gandhi..Unexpected Replies..Finally class was empty..It was just Rehana inside and me and Yusuf entering in the class when Yusuf presented Red rose to my ex-gf Rehana and she accepted it after an expression of Shock..then She looked at me..And in the sign language I asked her " Do you want flower from me?" She replied nodding her head" No"..Then I said " You can accept the red rose from him but not from me" At this time even Yusuf wasnt in the class..Only both of us were there struggling to face each other after a big break-up..Then I offered her the rose and She was feeling shy to take it from my familiar hand..I said " Nautanki thode hi kar raha hu..Class me koi nahi hai..Abhi to le lo" and She took it..and I went out of the class..After this attended the last lecture where both of us passed loving and dearly expressions to each other..

               Then with Yusuf I returned back to Panvel...and then there was a scene..I dont want to reveal it here..But would tell you the story..A SMS was sent to her from Rexy's Mobile "Do you like Yusuf?"
She replied " Yes I like him but as a friend "
Again a SMS was sent to her " Do you like Abhilash? "
She replied " No, I hate him "
Now this SMS wasn't less than a sharp needle which poked right into my ass hole..and I felt that pain which a women experience while giving Birth to a child..
Then I replied from my mobile " I hate you"
She replied " No problem "
Then I replied " Rexy ka mobile mere paas hai..isliye dekhna chah raha tha k saamne kya bolti ho or peechey kya bolti ho..Good good..This is you - DOUBLE GAME GIRL "
Just after this I received misscall first at Rexy's mobile and then A call on my mobile..Picked it up and then conversation started ....

  After Formal HELLOS..

Ex-Gf : Tum dono kya chahtey ho mujhse ?
Me: Kaun dono?
EG : You and Rexy..
Me: Maine kuch kahaa kyaa?
EG : Kya tum double game ke baare me bol rahe they ? maine  Rexy ko propose maara hai kyaa?
Me: Tumne likha hai na ki I HATE YOU..Wo double game ke baare mein bol raha hu..You never said I hate you to me and you saying this To Rexy ..Isn't it a Double- game?
Eg: Haan to maine bola naa..par maine koi double game nahi khela..
Me: Then why you said I hate him in the SMS..and please keep that Seema far from this..I can hear her voice from behind..
Eg: Yes she is with me..
Me: Keep her away..and then talk..in loneliness...Subke saamne main koi baat nahi karna chahta hu..
Eg: But tell me..ki tum dono kya chahtey ho?
Me: Main kuch nahi chahta hu..Uska mobile mere paas tha..toh main socha ki chalo dekhta hu ki tum kya baat karti ho mere baarein mein peechey se..To SMS bheja..and found out the truth about you..
Eg: Haan to ab bolo kaun double game khel raha hai..uske mobile se sms kar rahe ho..Who is the DOUBLE-GAMER?
Me: Its You Obviously...Jo maine Rexy ke saamne kahaa hai aajtak wohi tumhaarey saamne kahaa hai..but you have used two opposite sentences infront of two different people..
Eg: But now onwards you dont call me and dont send any SMS to me..
(She was saying this bcoz she was standing with other boys and girls of our class)
Me: Tum toh aise bol rahi ho jaise main karta hu SMS or Call..us din raat 12.30 pe subse pehli baar kisne call kiya tha aur fir SMS kiya tha?
Eg: Wo toh maine isliye kiya tha kyuki mere paas Yusuf ka number nahi tha..Uske paas mera message pahuncha dete..Buss..
Me: Toh fir iske liye mere paas karne ki kya jarurat thi..?? Wo bhi raat 12.30 pe..Muhurat tha kya koi? aur fir Tumne mujhe kaha tha ki I Still Love You aur Rexy ko bol rahi ho ki You hate me..
Eg: I didnt said this..I said that Yes I do love you..But I dont want to continue further..
Me: Is there any differences between these two sentences?
Eg: But forget all this..
Me: I cant forget anything...Ill remember all these things for my lifetime..
Eg: You sitting with rexy and messaging me- you DOUBLE - GAMER ..

(After this there were more fighting dialogues..).

Me: I can hear some boys's voices , dont talk to me infront of everyone..I have already said you..
EG: Theres no one here with me..and Im saying you dont again send me any SMS or call me..I'll throw my Sim..And you saying me double gamer..You sending sms...and Listen..I have thrown that rose of yours you gave me..
Me: Toh maine kaun sa tumhe wo Gulaab sazaane ke liye kaha tha ..aur kaha tha ki apne shaadi ke baad apne bachchey ko dikhaana ki Ye dekho Gulaab..mere boyfriend ka hai jab main college me thi tab diya tha usne..Aaj rose day tha to public demand pe pakda diya...Fenko ya Sungho(Smell it), mujhe usse matlab nahi..

After this ...She disconnected the call..

            Now buddies...You all can see..How the time changes..Story changes..Twists takes place..You never know what Life going to show you the very next minute..Everyone thought of that Rose incident as a Sabotaged Relationship is again Revamping..But just after 3 hours of that incident..This conversation took place..Which just changed all the situations and possibilities of the story...I really loved today's day...I was transforming this relationship again into love because I want to write Novel on this..I wanted realities to happen which are in my mind...But the way God has changed everything..Its in my favour..This twist will really bring a level of greatness in my Novel..And I can promise all of you that this Love story haven't ended here..This will again ride me and my ideas of novel to a better place than where I am right now..Lets see..Nobody knows Future...Girls are not less than Garbages...and Spits..Just ignore this God's creation..Message for all boys if you want simplicity in your life..and dont want all these complexities Im facing..If I would not have loved her..Would not have agreed for an affair with her..These all would not have taken place..But see how the story moves further..You have no control on your life after you are in a relationship...Just ignore LOVE and AFFAIRS....

               Naa Jaaney Koi Kaisi Hai Ye Zindagaani...
             Hamaari Adhooriee Kahaanii.... 



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