17 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Sentence/ Killing Mosquitoes/ Understanding Girls

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       Everytime I start writing , the first thing which attacks me is What will be the first sentence of my today's blog..Whatever I think to write , I never write as my first sentence...Everytime when we approach a stranger, the first thing which traps us is that How to begin our conversation? Everytime you are made to stand up and speak about yourself..You are said to introduce yourself, The first thing which flicks the mind is THE FIRST SENTENCE?...First sentence is the face of the whole body..Everytime you start reading a book or a newspaper article or anybody's social networking's profile..The first image of the person is stigmatized according to the quality of his or her's First Sentence..The start is always the USP of your approach towards your writings and speech..The person is judged by his Start of the conversation..If he lacks the quest of liking from the people , he is not going to be heard more...People concludes that the Persoan is a loser..So always whenever you are approaching a stranger, Try emphasising on your FIRST SENTENCE...If your First Sentence seems to be like squiffy, you will be removed from the list of People's Choice..I always concentrate on my First Sentence and Start of every speech and writings..Its hard to be consistent but its easy to be good...Atleast More than Average...Never try to plagiarize because what you do yourself is entertained more by the people, I have experienced it ..I have never copied anybody's blog anytime in my blogging life so everytime I receive compliment or criticism I take it as a pious view for my blog..

             Yesterday I purchased MOSQUITO KILLING SWATTER which is just like Lawn Tennis's racket...You just have to aim at the mosquito pressing a button and the mosquito gets trapped into the iron rods and dies at the spot..Its really a fun killing them and running behind them..It is said in Hindi that Ek Machchar Aadmi Ko Hizda Bana Deta Hai...This sentence is so true that when it was heard for the first time in an Indian movie there was lots of plaudit...We Humans think that we are the most clever and the most powerful living being on the earth..We always have a pride and ego upon other animals and living beings..But God has made everything to balance a Human behaviour and his feelings..We can kill a dog easily just by thrashing him with some beats of sticks but when it comes to killing mosquitoes, a human loses all his strength and patience...Today I was counting while killing mosquitoes through Swatter...I killed more than 250 mosquitoes and then too there were many flying in the room as I have invited them...So a human can kill another human..But he cant kill all the mosquitoes in his or her room...So this is a big lesson to a human being that dont under-estimate anyone...Because an insect not even 1/1000th of your body...Can win over you....

             Today in the laboratory I sat on the PC which was connected with the projector...So I started writing live blog there..and some of the friends were reading continuously while I was writing as it was visible in a large size on the wall of the classroom , I was writing on a general topic..But there were 2 friends..One boy and a girl who said Im writing boring stuffs..Then I said OK..I cancelled all and came with an interesting idea..I started writing Sex..and the girl after reading two sentences..Smiled and then turned off the PC directly from CPU..Now this is what I dont understand about girls..She had problem when I wrote boring stuffs..and she was again in a problem when I wrote interesting stuff...and this latter stuff was like the most interesting topic in this age..We all are excited to know about sex...Its practical and all...But theres no college all aroundwhich can provide us with a subject named SEX and its practical every week...So coming back to the topic, I was saying that its hard to understand a women..Like our mother..They first slap us..and then when at the Dinner time we dont come to the table..She is the one who comes..love us and take us to the table and feed us with her hands..So understanding mother is so hard with whom we have the relationship of more than 9 months than we have with anyone else..So Boys never try to derive a conclusion on any of the girl....



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