18 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Heavy Costs and Prices of Malls !!!

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        After the peregrination , everytime me and my friends halt ourselves at the Vashi Mall-INORBIT..I just think that if the mall would start charging entry fees even at the cost of 1 rs..We would have sat somewhere in the garden with the groundnuts in our hand..and Khajur..But now as there is free entry we find ourselves in the mall , sitting on the top floor and enjoying the childness from A/C..We all just love sitting there and noticing girls ..I only think that from all these girls touching and seducing their boyfriends for marketing and eating, one of them will be my wife in the future...How will I control myself when I'll see her photographs with other boys as they are the fathers of her children..I'll really play Dus Ka Dum with her if this happens...After sitting in the mall, Now there's the biggest problem with us is to order something to eat..We are such poor peoples that we can come out without eating anything but we eat just to impress that group of girls which has no boys near them...We order Burgers and Coke from McDonalds which is the cheapest to eat in the mall which costs between 20 to 25.. But we never notice what the girls are eating and drinking from their money..They eat the dishes which costs more than 150...And when we notice it , we buy the most Flop dish of the mall so that nobody recognizes what we eat and they will feel that we are eating something costly...These are the games of the mall..Just to impress some girls with Fair skin, red lips, Cool hairstyles, American Accent, Short skirts, sleeveless top , long nails and sexy body , we throw our father's effort money in the mall and we dont get even a glance of that girls..

               I dont know why these malls cost so much...Why aren't they fair...I remember the last week when my friend Yusuf took me to the Kamat..The chain of food stores...I didn't had any idea of tghge prices here but Yusud did had..But he didn't told me anything about the cost bcoz he wanted to eat in the Kamat..After sitting there, We saw board in all the directions pointing towards Vada Pav and saying " Have you tasted the Batata Wada of our Kamat? " Now after reading this, I got an intimation that there is a danger and peril in ordering this..We asked for the MENU CARD...The Menucard was printed and decorated in such a way that no Marriage invitation card in my family would have been so beautiful...And the cost in the Menu Card were greater than all the money my father would have got in his marriage from relatives...Then I finally decided to order 2 Pavs which costed 5 rs each and a Tea..So that we can dip the pav in the tea and enjoy our breakfast..But Yusuf didn't agreed to this wonderful and cheap idea..Finally he ordered Batata Wada from Kamat's and then I exclaimed, " Do you know the prices ? " He said NO smilingly..Then came the bill which read 35 rs...Now I was really very surprised that Two small vada pavs for this much...And his vada pav were smaller than the smallest boobs in this world..Now you can imagine how much life that little pav would have got in it..Yusuf then asked me to pay the bills, Then I was really shocked and turned into the character in the situation of being stuck in the flood..He have no chance to come out of it..The only option is to Get trapped in it..In the same way I was trapped to pay the bill..Now when I came out of restaurant , I felt proudy after eating a VADA-PAV of rs . 17.5 ...

            Sorry friends...Feeling sleepy..Falling on the laptop...For the first time..Should not play with the sleep today..Bye..Will meet you soon..with some more funny blogs but let me go now..



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