3 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

2nd Prize On Traditional Day- I Represented SARDAR !!!

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Its me giving Furious look...

Giving Cool Looks...

Normal look

How Am I Looking In This?

Its Sameer And Me In Black Coat..

Me In Black Coat and Manoj

And Then Its Normal Sweet Abhilash..
          Finally the FEST WEEK has started and Im enjoying...Now Im really feeling that Im visiting the best tourist place of the world- MY COLLEGE daily..Im really cashing all the moments of my college...The first day started with TRADITIONAL DAY and everyone participated in their own way...The competition was at the college level...and the award was to be given only to the TOP 2 Boys and TOP 2 Girls...It was really very hard to compete...and win something...I thought of innovation and as per my previous blogs..I got the answer of my question- WILL I ROCK OR NO? The answer is YES...I ROCKED...I went into the disguise of SARDAR..with a big turban-Embroidered Kurta-Chunni-A trouser-Casual shoes..And the best of all this- Fake Moustache and Beard..which was the best part of my SARDAR LOOK which bought the PERFECTION in the effort and the will to do something great...As soon as I entered college in my looks everyone started peeping me..staring me...and then Recognizing me..and I was just smiling and my smile was hidden because of the beard...You can see the looks and style in the pictures given above.. 

                  Then came the selection round--They selected me and then I with the other participant went to the seminar hall for results..Everyone was said to introduce and describe your traditional wear..They started off with girls..The first girl was a Punjaban and thus she represented the same..and she introduced herself and her traditional cloths in Punjabi..At that point I felt like someone has removed my cloths and sent me naked on the road..But I kept confidence...and as soon as my chance came..I felt like I was Manmohan Singh..Prime Minister of India who is also a Sardar..I described my upper looks..Turban-Kurta-Chunni...Then madam asked and what about this pant and casual shoes..and then I using little part of my witty brain said immediately that Mam Actually Im that Sardar who came to Mumbai for Jobs..and Judges laughed as Raju Shrivastava performed his best stage show ever...and then I WON THE 2ND POSITION AT TRADITIONAL DAY..Again an achievement...The start of February started with happiness and pride...But it was really a pain to wear that turban...I felt like Ill go unconscious at any minute ...and because of beard..I was unable to breathe...I was sweating..But getting inspired by the make-up of Paa's Amitabh I suffered the pain...

               Then today it was TIE DAY..and as you can see above in the pictures where Im wearing coat and tie..and there are other students of my class..I was the best...again..at my level...Coat wasn't my idea..that was my father's idea...I thought of that cream colour shirt I wore under the coat and Navy blue trouser..and a TIE obviously...But parents gave this stale and worthless idea of wearing cloth...I was being selected for first round of selection...Judges were happy with my introduction part too...but they didnt felt like honouring me with prize even today..Viewers said that it was an unfair decision but madam said that it was a TIE DAY and not a day of being a lots of professionalism..If coat wouldn't have been the part of dressing..I would have definitely won..At that time I cursed my father for giving this tupid idea..but Im happy that I won on the day of SARDAR as it was something really special to me...and still no other boy has won anything in college from my class..Im the only one who has done something..Now tomorrow is MIX n MATCH DAY and Im not going to participate tomorrow...

             Thanks Readers.....


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