24 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Wife / A College's Scene (Adult Content)

           142ND BLOG -->>

       Friends, Sorry for the 141th blog I wrote yesterday..But it wasn't my fault , It happens sometimes that your brain doesn't work and still you want to do some routine tasks and you end up with a spoil result..This is the same which happened with me yesterday on the blog..My mind wasn't prepared for the blogs..But the attitude of taking risk was alive and it resulted in the worst blog ever..But you can't blame if you have read and you hated the blog because I have warned in the title itself Not to read..So please dont curse and abuse..Ok..Leave this now..It is so hard to judge which of your child is the best one..Now dont think that Writer of this blog is the father of 13 children..7 boys and 6 girls born alternatively..I'm just giving an example..Actually Im talking about my blogs..Today I read some of my blogs which I wrote with all my heart and passion in it..And it was really hard for me to select one from them which was the best...But I found 125th blog the best...Today I had a little argument with one of the boy of my class because of my 137th blog..and just after the argument everyone read the blog..I just love when somebody ask me to open a particular blog and make them read as they have heard about it from somebody...Its just like you are married in India..and a friend from abroad is saying to show him your wife through video conferencing bcoz he have heard somewhere that your wife is much beautiful than Kate Winslet..How happy will you be to hear this...But I'll really be tensed that my wife is talked about in groups..

            I have already decided that I'll not select very very beautiful girl to be married with..Because I know that there are many kaminey friends who will keep coming to my house after marriage saying that "I was just crossing this road , so felt like visiting you".And they will say this with such a decent face pretending that I don't know about what for they are here to?? To examine my wife's figure and beauty..I'll just take out the eyes of that friends who will even once say that Your wife is really very Hot..nobody can get better than this with the face you have..I'll just kill their eyes..and If I'll see that its my wife itself who is giving them a chance to meet her..and if I'll see that she is passing extra smiles to my friends and over-reacting to the word - BHABHIJI..I'll go to the bathroom...Will shit there after eating many leafy vegetables..and when I'll see that its smelling the worst it can..I'll shut her in it for 48 hours...Then I'll ask her ab toh tere DEVARR bachaane nahi aaye tujhko??.. So whoever will be my wife ..Just be Aware of my plannings...And now all of you will say that Are you Decent? No I'm not..But after marriage..Im promising that I'll just watch other girls but will not dream about having sex with them..Which I do sometimes...Actually Its not my fault, Its human behaviour to react when you see some beautiful thing or an ugly thing..

            Now today there was a talk about a scene which took place some 8 or 9 days back..A boy asked a girl : "Why were you angry that day when I opened the bag you gave me of that girl in our class?"..The girl replied , "Because I told you in the beginning itself , not to open it." ..Now , I'll tell you what the scene was..This girl came with a bag of another girl and handed to this boy who is my friend..We were 4 boys sitting with him..She said him not to open the bag..But as we boys are avarice, covetous and theres an attitude of rapacity for WHAT STUFFS ARE THERE IN A GIRL'S BAG? , He opened it and without peeping inside, He took out something and it was a packet of WHISPER...as soon as he saw it..He kept it back..and all of us started laughing like a Boy came wearing Bra infront of us..The girl asked WHAT HAPPENED? and He replied, "Kuch galat cheez bahaar aa gayi thi" ANd just after this the girl took the bag and went from our place angry and enrage..Her expression was the same as a girl would react to her father's decision of marrying her with the peon of her college..Now coming back to Today's scenario...I then explained her ," But there was nothing for you to get angry..Just imagine that a boy comes and give you my bag..and he warns you not to open the bag..But you being curious open it..and randomly pick a thing out of my bag..and you found that its a tablet Im consuming for developing sexual strength in me , then Will that boy who handed the bag to you will be angry or will I be angry ?? " Now as the answer was obvious that I will be angry bcoz Poll to meri khuli naa..Uss ladke ka kya gaya jisne bag diya tha..So as soon as I ended up with my example..Everyone started laughing and the case ended successfully...Girl realized that she shouldn't be angry as it wasn't her bag..That means Finally she agreed to marry the peon..Uff...

            Hope you enjoyed this incident..Whenever I write about my personal activities , I always have a fear that people will revert back upbraiding my content..But as this is my blog..Im the author..and this is how I write..So this is what You will have to read even If you dont want to...Or you give an aegis and guidance about how to modify incidents that all the vulgarities and non-veg stuffs dissappears..But I can't remove vulgarities where its needed to explain and describe...If I'll tell you the brands I wear...I'll have to name the brands even of the underwear I wear..Now If you will say that its vulgar because I'm talking about my underwear..Then I think that you are wrong and not me...Chalo now Im moving from here..otherwise If my father comes to know about the content of this blog, he will burn all my underwears and will really give me tha table of motivating my sexual powers in my body and will make me to go to the college after the dose....Uff..Good Night...Its 1 o clock...Im going to read One Night @ The Call Center..



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