12 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Publication In DNA Newspaper !!!

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       Sena shouldn't speak on behalf of the people

       DNA reader says party's acts of terror must cease

Abhilash Ruhela

           The protest by Shiv Sena activists against the screening of the movie 'My Name is Khan' for his statement he made in the favour of the Pakistan's cricket players is uncalled for. Shiv Sena activists say that until the actor apologises, they won't let the film be released in Mumbai and Maharashtra. They claim that the actor's assertion is anti-Indian. 
            If Shiv Sena activists are so concerned about the country, then why don't they guard the border or help fellow Indians in states hit by terrorism. The fact is that the Shiv Sena, as a party, is losing direction, because of the battering in the elections. Hence, they are blowing hot and cold against personalities who are not connected with politics and are soft targets for their goons. Activists must find out if their acts of terror or intimidation have public support, since they claim to have undertaken the protest for the sake of their countrymen. The party must take on its opponents on the basis of the ideology and not resort to frightening people. 
            They must let the movie be released, if people are angry with the actor, they will boycott the film. Let the people decide. The Sena must stop this shadow boxing and take on the MNS, if it wants to be taken seriously, they must leave innocents alone.

            Readers , Friends and Well-Wishers, I'm very happy to inform all of you that the piece I have written above is my First Publication In DNA Newspaper of Mumbai Edition. For the whole article please visit the following link - http://epaper.dnaindia.com/epapermain.aspx?edorsup=Main&queryed=9&querypage=4&boxid=30799278&parentid=110321&eddate=02/11/2010 

             In the morning, as soon as I woke up , I just ran towards the door to collect the newspaper..just to reveal the fact that Have I succeeded in publishing my view in the newspaper this time or I'm again failed for the 3rd time today..But as soon as I checked the paper I saw my photograph with my name and my article..And I was just blank for some seconds that Im still in sleep and dream or Am I experiencing this truely..Ran towards my mummy and exclaimed, " See your son's photograph and name in the newspaper with his article." And she literally losed her find for a second as I did for the first time when I saw the same..She too acted as nescient..As she has passed her B.A. Graduation in Hindi, Reading and understanding English is tough for her..She asked innocently as a child that Beta Kisliye aaya hai tera naam paper mein?.. I think she was in a fear that It is for a crime I committed..Then I passed the paper to my father and he took 10 minutes to read this small article..He was so happy witnessing this fact that his son did for what he was trying to do..Then after this I sent the SMS to all my friends so that they can too read my take on Shivsainiks..Soon after this SMS started flowing into my inbox..And everyone was proud of me..And I was very happy to make everyone proud of me..

               When I started writing blogs, there were many who said me to Shut my mouth and keep quiet..But there were supporters too..It didn't took a long time for me to prove that I can write better and soonly my blog got famous.After this My only target was to publish one of my writings in the newspaper..I tried once when the Indians were attacked by the Australians..I was rejected..Then I tried again on the first anniversary of the Attack in Taj..Again it got rejected..Then I tried analysing that whats the difference in my writings and other reporter's writing that Im ignored and rejected again and again..then I came to the conclusion that I use the word "I" in every article I have sent to them..Then I wrote this one as a reporter and this got published..It is said naa TRY UNTIL YOU SUCCEED...

               Today I have started with a new book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I have waited a long time to reach this book..Finally got this book from my Mausaji in Nerul and I have read it First chapter today just before this blog..Its an interesting story..as I feel in the start..The author has Two dads..One is an educated one and another one is a Rich personality..The one who is educated shares all the tip which can make him an Educated person..and the Rich dad tells him that theres no neeed to be educated for being rich..Educated dad tell him to study good so that he can be a part of a reputed organization while Rich dad tells him to own a large organization..So with this two wisdoms at a time..Writer got a huge brain about how to handle money and he shares with us that theres no use of the education we peruse in our school time because not even 5 % of it is applied in our day to day life..and we should learn how to handle money...Because this is the only target for which we study..work and strive for..Hope the book will teach me how to earn moeny and handle it..After reading the book I'll share my view with all of you that which Dad was correct..Rich or Poor..So wait till I complete this novel...and dont expect the novel to be finished by me in day or two as Im not devoting all my time to read it..I'll be partly reading it daily..Now Im in frazzling state of mind so Im thinking to move out from here..and go to bed..Reading some short stories..Its 2.45 AM right now...World is sleeping and Im innovating my ideas here...

              My request to all of you that plz dont criticize this blog because I know theres nothing special in this..So please just go to the link read the article and comment on it..Bye...



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