15 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Valentine's Day / Views about me after 40 Years !!!

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        Hope you all enjoyed Valentine's Day..But if you will ask me about how was my day..I would say better than asking this question..Just teach me how to celebrate Valentine's Day..I just kept thinking for the whole day..What can I do today..and ended with the best boring idea of the world..Planned to watch 3 IDIOTS for the 2nd time..Now what is the connection of watching this movie on Valentine's Day..Don't ask me...That's what I'm telling you..Sometimes I think of the lovers who have their partners with them for years..How they have managed? How have they survived? How have they managed their girlfriends with that little pocket-money we get from our Hitler Daddies..There are huge dialogues from Romeos and Juliets of this world that We love each other unconditionally and our relationship is interminable..I just wonder HOW?? Because every time I'm committed with someone..Rather than having lovely thoughts in my mind and having birds flying in my soul..I keep thinking that if my partner flinch from the relationship what will happen..And finally the relationship ends through a contravene with gf..If you will ask me what good points and bad points I have as a boyfriend..I would say I have Sweet face..Sweet Smile..Many Talents..Vision in life..as the good points...and Less pocket-money..Less luxurious choices..No interest in marketing..and no support of parents for love..These are the bad points..

            The Three words I LOVE YOU creates so much of traducation of the personality and fakeness of the attitude that after sometimes even you forget what was the Aim and Goal of your life..You come up with a new answer to the question Whats Your Aim?? and your answer is "To give all the happiness to my partner and bring a huge smile on her face" Now if this is the main motive of your life..Then vindicate yourself in the list of vacuous people..I had a girlfriend..Now don't think that I had only one..Right now I'm talking about one of the many model..She used to call me and we had chats on phone for 8 hours a day...She called me for 2 months and then said..You are very boring..Lets Break - Off.. That was the first time in my life that I came to know I was Boring..The girl didn't accepted the fact that with the time her taste for the boys has changed..and not me..

             Sometimes I think after 40 years when I'll be retired and will be living in reclusion..After my child will pass from his college and will start doing job or If I'll have a girl child and she will be married and I'll be living with my old wife all alone..I'' be sitting on my Aaram-chair..Reading my novels ( If Published ) , newspaper and books..What will I think of myself and my life then..What will be the aim of the life at that very time..When all the time would have passed to achieve all the goals and achieve all the dreams..The loneliness and pains will snarl up together and will cause the mind to work and rewind to the days back which are the present today..With that maturity when I'll see myself as a flirty guy who just kept roaming around with girls in the college..Who always had the chat about sex with my friends..Who always kept around doing mischieves..How ashamed will I feel of myself..And at the second place..If I avoid all this today..and then after 40 years when I'll rewind back to this present..I will be up with that I struggled with the books of different authors to find out the formula for an arithmetical problem..I obeyed to every elder...I achieved all the Top Goals of my life..and didn't performed even a single mischieve..Never enjoyed...Never had friends...Will then I'll be proud of Myself??? NO....Never...I dont say that Im a big flirt..No Never..I only had One or two girl friends..And I didn't had any sexual intercourse with them and Im proud of this that Maine Josh Mein Hosh Nahi Khoya...And Now when I'll after 40 years will imagine this type of life which Im living..I'll really feel proud of myself that I kept all the love on my table for all the people who came to me..I always kept people around me laugh with the sense of humour God have blessed me..I'll feel proud that I had confidence in my college days to stand up in the class and opine my views without any hesitation..I am really proud of myself..and with this proud I can imagine that if every thing works as planned..I'll be experiencing FAME even after 40 years from now...

           I dont know exactly What I wanted to say with Today's blog..But this is all what I wanted to talk to myself...which is what I do daily..I talk to myself..and the day I experience Success or Failure I talk to all of my friends for their reviews...And then Now I should leave..Now 12 o clock have passed and the valentine day has taken its flight back and we will meet this day after 1 year..Till then Love everyone around you who are capable of it..and Hate everyone who deserves it..Like I hate Rehana...My Ex-Gf...Because she deserves this...Bye..Now Im coming to my AUKAAT so its better to boycott Keyboard now..


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oh ya ~ Valentine's Day.. is make for cupple love.

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