9 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

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        Before talking about anything..I would like to talk about myself first..Mostly I have seen that when I talk about myself people abuse on my blog post but then too I can't stop for this..Atleast today when One of my biggest dream has fulfilled..I always had a dream of creating a website of my own..And yesterday seniors of my college helped me with this dream to turn true..They created a website for me..And Im really thankful to both of them - Nitin Goyal and Rishab Dahiya..I have only once met them and with this short-period relationship..They have done a lot to me.. Now I have my own website..Where all of these blogs of min are to be published.. The name of my website is www.bloggerabhilash.info Isn't the name great? Its awesome..
           Today after college I met my seniors of 2nd year and Rishab bhaai with them..Thanked him for the website he created for me..and then there everyone was talking about my blog..and were complimenting me..It was really a pleasure for me that my seniors are liking my blog and talking about it..and no one commenting negatively on it..Im thankful to all my seniors who are reading my blog and publishing it all over in the college..And now talking about the comments on my blog..You can never make each and every kind of group happy..You can only meet the expectation of one group at a time..This is clear to me..When I wrote about my college issues and my love sagas..Yusuf- my classmate loved it but Abhinav my childhood friend hated it with all the anger and rage in him..And when Yesterday I wrote about Criticism and Habit of Reading..Abhinav loved it a lot and Yusuf hated it and termed and heralded it as BORING..But if you will ask me What is my decision? I would say - I'll avoid my boring love-sagas here on blog and my faaltu college stories here...

            Pratibha-one of my internet friends who is a transient on my blog read 50 blogs of mines at a time and she even made her room-mates of the hostel to read it..and every girl loved the blog and were asking about me..Wow..How can someone bear the compliments of a girl and here in this condition its not a GIRL but its GIRLS...I would thank Pratibha and all her dear friends for reading 50 blogs at a time because even I cant handle myself reading my blogs incessantly..and these girls have done a great job..Reading blogs of someone they have never met..have no introduction..Fantastic Achievement I have achieved..One more friend of school said me that "When women and girls prepare a tasty and delicious food and dish, Boys says that They want to KISS the girl's hand..So Im a girl and I have read your blogs and You write so beautifully that I want to KISS the Writer's hand" Now this sentence has really romanticly touched me..Its really hard to keep the expectations of so many..I'll try my best to cope up with the excellence..

            And now I would like to talk with the boys and girls of 10th and 12th standard..You all would be scratching the dates on your calendar daily and would be counting the left hours for your exam to begin..I would say that dont Panic..Just keep faith on yourself if you have studied ..You have put on your efforts..and if you havent put your efforts for your exams..Then please meet me with a ratiocinate and reason..I remember that when I was in 12th last year..Chate Coaching Class kept on taking tests and kept on distributing results for the whole year..And I always created a record of scoring not more than 0 in Mathematics..and not more than 5 in other subjects..Let the paper be of whatever marks..40, 50 or 100.. I never scored more than 5 marks..and in maths I was consistent with 0 Marks all over the year..With this type of result what do you expect from me? Passing or Failing in the final exams? Failing..Obviously..But friends I passed..Just bcoz I had faith in me and my efforts..I scored 55%.. Isnt it a good percentage after this performance I gave all the year? Nobody expected such a huge percentage from me but I made the impossibility a Realistic rational..You can change your fortune anytime..You can play up with vicissitude..So friends just keep preparing on..and dont fear that days and hours are passing by and you are moving near near to the exam dates..Just keep counting the hours you are putting in your efforts..and just increase these number of hours..With the positive and pragmatical attitude you will WIN...So rather than vociferating BEST OF LUCK..I would say all of you BEST OF EFFORT..Because I believe in EFFORT more than LUCK...So start right now..and utilize your 24 hours's day as its of 36 hours..

              Dekhtey Jaao Tum Aisa Bhi Ek Din
              Ek Din Toh Zaroor Aayega....
             Humse Is Duniya Mein Ek Din Harr Koi
             Jab Haath Milaayega...


Im leaving..


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