27 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Sensitive Feelings !!!

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            Finally the guests are away...The house is quiet again..Silence is showering all over....Guests are the wonderful part of your normal routined life...You and your family interacts everyday...There is an attitude to approach your parents ..Brothers and sisters...But when there is someone else in your house..Then you have to change your attitude and the way of interaction..Because family is the biggest example of Adjustment..They can adjust your misconceptions of words...Interpretation...They can balance their emotions and feelings according to your behaviour and attitude..But when there is someone new in your house..They cannot handle your sick values of behaving...You dont know which of your words can turn into a thorn and pierce them ...and thus diminish your relationship with them....But finally I hope that I have managed myself beautifully infront of the guests.....And I loved the time spent with them..Either good or bad...

            Today the dates of exams are announced..of 2nd Semester...It will be starting from 20th April....Its so hard....To manage all the subjects..and score good in all of them...I really haven't understood the secret of my high scores in every subject of last semester..But theres a lot of fear in my heart this time that whether I'll pass or not...I dont know why do I get morally weak day by day..Why isnt my performance consistent..Why do I get bifurcated in two ways..Why do I go sick after sometime...and start thinking of useless phenomenas like Girls and Bunks and Blah Blah Blah.....Railway concession form is still not available in my college's office...Money is flowing like water of the toilet's flush...I dont know how Am I so Kanjoos...Why do I feel like I have to get 1rs back when I spend 50paise on someone...I feel like I have donated my precious blood to someone when I buy them something from my pocket-money..This feeling should be avoided...When someone eats Samosa or Vada pav from my pocket money..I feel like he eat my raw kidney without baking it..What the hell....My feelings are majorly sensitive..Little up-downs and I dither up...Should change myself..

            Friends...I can be away from blog for a long time as virus is just a 1 step away from affecting my PC....so as soon as it will reach its destiny...My Blog's website will not open on my browser..So please take this into consideration and then follow me on twitter... www.twitter.com/Mumbai_Blogger


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Saurabh Panshikar said...

this is Saurabh Panshikar from Rathi

Check out my blog too


Abhilash Ruhela said...

yaa man i visited ur blog..quite interesting....keep going on..but u have just started your journey of blog..AM I right???

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