11 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Future Unpredictable / Google Buzz / That Thing Called LOVE !!!

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        When you expect the best..The worst happens..and vice-versa..Yesterday I was so eager to face today's morning as I was to collide with some one and I felt like winning it..But to my unexpectations..Nothing happened..Protestors weren't in the mood to say anything to me..Either they hated me so much that they didn't even thought to form a rampage situation with me..It happens sometimes that we start hating someone so much that we dont even want to fight with them and forget all our confraternity..The same would have happened with the one with whom I was to fight today...Everything is a play..Curtains Up..and God starts using us as Puppets...Who impressed the people around them..Wins the race of life and others who claims that void is in their control..God-the allmighty is moving them..Loses the match..I think This is my good time..Im doing the best in my puppet-show of life..And hope that all of you around me are enjoying me doing so..Only a fear is that I dont get trapped in the horizons I created to caught others...Lets See..What happens and What crosses..I have no idea of future..And Im happy that Im no sooth sayer to predict my future..Otherwise nothing would have left interesting in my life..I just love facing unexpected versions of life..and I love life being unpredictable..The way you develop your personality from Introvert to Extrovert..is the only result of the problems and woes you face without its intimation..I have grown so matured just by facing problems and being unaware of whats going to happen the very next second..and with this feel Im enjoying my life so much..That I have just started loving God for giving us such a good chance to perform here between people..Hope There would be claps for me in the heaven for my performance as a Puppet !!! Hope Hope Hope !!!

             Today to my astonishment, when I logged in to Gmail Inbox to check my new mails I saw a new service from Google..Its named as Google Buzz..Google comtemporarily is the biggest Site in  the world..The highest viewed Site in the world..The biggest Search Engine..The best of all sites in serving people with mails, blogs and other many web applications..Orkut is too an Avatar of Google..Both the sites are parallel(y) equal reputed..Now this Google Buzz isn't a new creation..Orkut always had a region to update our Status..Facebook too has this facility..Then the Site TWITTER came in 2006 which gave the users a grand privilege to rwrite Whats Happening at every second in their life..The site got a good response and people who believed in sharing their personal life and their views gave a huge applause to this site which provided us with updating our status..Google Buzz is just the same..Nothing New..and I hope so that this too gets a good response...But I feel like it will be ignored by the surfers as there are previous versions to use..Lets see..Google wins the race or loose it...

             Tonight I completed the novel - That thing Called Love by Tuhin A Sinha..I hope that no author again try writing a novel like such a ruined and boring story..I dont understand how does a person takes such a big step of publishing his story all over which has no perspective..The novel only had stories of 3 to 4 couples who were engaged in Extra-marital affair..andthe book had an average of 1 pages per 5 describing the Sex between the partners..And with the stale funny dialogues, he described each and every Sex activity..It only made me get seduced reading it but the writer didn't gained any respect and admiration from me..like Chetan Bhagat and Robin Sharma did..After reading the books of this two great writers, I felt like meeting them..But after reading this book..Im feeling like Flirting with the Author's wife..Because in the whole book He has just supported Extra-marital affair..My ratings to this novel - 0.5 / 5 ...The worst I have read uptill today..Tuhin Sinha..Please improve your writing skills and sense of humour and then try to be an author..and the publisher of this book I really want to know from you what made you distribute this book after reading its Rootless story..Just give me a reply..

              CHalo friends ..Now Im moving to sleep otherwise If my father will peep in my room and if he finds me writing blog...He will increase the size of the hole of my underwear..So I think I should move out from this blog and should wait for your comments to drop in..Got a good resonse on my yesterday's blog...Thanks....


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