16 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Gifts From Teachers/ Poll Results !!!

           134TH BLOG -->>

       Its so charming when you are given respect for the work you have done with all the efforts and dedication..I wrote an article for DNA with no hope of it getting published on the 11th February..All of my friends in the college read it and today they welcomed me with so much of respect, love and pride ...I felt so good , I just got emotional but tried my best to Hide my feelings..Then in the first period, Five of the students had to give presentation ...After they ended with this MBA-class tasks..I gave the newspaper in madam's hand and asked her to read it and revert back whether she like it or not..And the way she responded was so touchy and palpable that I really felt extolled...Madam said that It was an excellent work from me and She didn't expected anyone in the college doing this great job..And for my inccredible creativity , She gave 1 marks to me in the Internal section out of 20...I was so happy..Where my classmates are struggling for each and every marks , I have got a little part of it as a gift...Then in the second period, Snehal madam entered and I showed her too..Everyone was confident that madam is literally going to annihilate me as she is the biggest criticizer in the world we all have ever seen..But the first word she uttered was WOW!!!.. She said that Abhilash Im very happy..and Im highly-impressed by you..You have really done something which I never thought anybody will do..I really want to tell you that the day I opened your blog , I didn't found anything interesting in it but today What you have done is ineffable..We should really erudite something from you..And I dont think that 1 marks is a justice to your talent and your incredible work..Im blessing you with 50% marks in Internals and she gave me 10 out of 20 without any assignments...And she said Now your Class conducts will be stigmatized within the left 10 marks...WOW !!! My seniors said that In our college, theres no place for talent and passion, But I would say For me..My college has been the biggest factor in my success...Madam has asked for a Xerox to put it on the Notice board..and Snehal madam has taken the link of my blog to read it..Hope I get positive response from her...

              Today My recent Poll ended where I asked all of you that the length of my blogs is Okay Okay..or you want some stretch or squeeze from them...32 of you voted your views ..Out of which 30 has said that IM PERFECT THE WAY I AM , 1 vote said me to Increae the size of my blog and 1 said to decrease the size...Now as the majority has said that Im perfect the way I am..Theres no need to change anything...I have to work the way I am doing from many months...I really feel proud when the approach of my friends towards my blog is positive and they behave as they have more right towards my blog than I have...That is the time when I opine crikeyness as there is plethora of encomiums..Like for my article I have written, My friends , my classmates showed so much of love for it that there was no jealousy I found in the horizon of this achievement....I hope I'll keep you all attached with this ARB forever and ever...But for this I need your comments on this ..That How am I doing...Good, Bad or Normal..Till the time I dont receive any retaliation from all of you How can I improve myself and write according to what all of you want..Like one of my friend said me to write on Valentine's Day and I wrote..So this is How I contribute to your desire and request..Even if you have some writings , give it to me, I'll publish on my blog..Recently , I updated the visitor's  number on my blog- ARB.. and it was 2176 in one month..WOW....Thanks to Google for giving me this blog and thanks to all of you readers to give me this high number of visiting slot here...Thanks.....

              Assignments have started entering my life again..But Im happy..Assignments makes you come out of your blanket..Get up from your bed and do little effort..THis makes you little of your course-savvy..Profuse learning is too bd for health..but you shouldn't exude studies from your routine..Learning Graduation is really making me amicable to germane knowledge...Everyone of us works on the software..But nobody of us know the process of Software Development- It has 6 stages - System Analysis..Design..Coding..Testing..Implementation and Maintenance...Now these knowledge we get only in studying Graduation..So I hope that My personality will transform in these three years of this wide education..and you will see more successful Abhilash Ruhela and more powerful Blogs from me..Thanks to all the Teachers who are helping us to cope up with these Graduation's subjects...and thanks to all my classmates who dont laugh on me when I give wrong and stupid answers in the class...My sincere thanks to all of you..and Once again I would like to thank Taruna Madam for 1 marks and Snehal Madam for 10 marks in my Internal assessments..



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