5 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Funny - Feelings For My Ex-Gf!!!

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        Days start when you wipe your eyes and try to make the visulas clear..Then you go to the basin...Wash your face....Talk to yourself standing infront of mirror..and then Say.."Am I looking beautiful today?" But you can't answer this query until and unless you dont get a compliment from someone..Then you go to your mother and ask "Mummy' aaj main kaisa dikh raha hu?" When I ask this question to my mummy..She replies " Bus bahu mat chunney lagnaa , baaki toh tu pyaara hai hi" After listening this When I walk up in my college I think myself not less than John Abraham and think that everyone would be staring me..But when I quietly look at them I see nobody is interested in my fashion and attitude and walking style..Then I feel..What will happen when I'll visit different houses of girls at the time of marriage for selecting the perfect bride for my mother..Even if she will ignore me likeall this college peoples I'll feel like I haven't washed my ass after releasing all the food materials of my stomach in the toilet..But for this Time is still in my favour..Its a long time to go..

             Today we had peace day in our college..So we were expected to wear White..and Formals were the applied conditions on that..Its just like you want a fair girl as your wife but the condition is that she should be a virgin..How can you get both of this qualification in a single girl? NEVER..So leaving me and my ex-gf there was no boy or girl in my class who respected the rule of PEACE DAY..After two lectures, 4 of my friends said that Your Ex-Gf was watching you incessantly while the madam was trying to fall all of us into sleep..My heart said "For what were you watching me- You love me still or you love my body " But kept this wonderful feeling with myself..When you come to know that your Ex-gf still dance on the tunes you played for her..you feel like Your talktime has been increased without recharging your mobile..Now @ 3rd period I was made to sit on the first bench..Very close to my Ex-gf..Now it was like She would be watching a movie without paying anything for ticket..So she again got a chance to have a view of my face from that little distance and have sex with me in her imaginations..I dont know when you love someone why do you keep staring at them without any reason..ABSURDITY.. Finally this lecture ended too and Now even I felt that I have again started loving her..Now-a-days..In this FEST WEEK..She is coming with superb make-up and style..out of Fashion- a la mode.. in the disguise of Bhartiya Naari..Sometimes I feel like LAGTA HAI SUDHARR GAYI HAI..but then in few minutes I again watch her with the boys..I feel like - Somebody is shopping on my credit card..Swap Karo..Aur Aish karo..

            Then in the last period..She came and sat very near to me..and there were all the boys and girls who wanted me and her to be again in the relationship..Everyone started commenting and I started feeling shy as someone said me that Remove your pant...Girls want to see which kind of underwear you wear..I was really feeling ashamed..Even she was glaring me like Im going to die..and this is the last minute to see me alive..or as I was an Alien landed on the earth and audience have got few minutes to watch Alien's private part which are very artistic and different then what we have..Oh Shit!! What am I speaking??.. Then Rexy asked her- Why dont you talk to him? And she said I talk to him..Theres no problem..And this sentence was such a Fake..that I felt like my mother is saying that He is my child..But I dont know who is the father of this little wonder...Then everyone started saying Sorry to her..That if you felt anything bad then please forgive us..And she acted after this as She was awarded for maintaining her virginity till her 60 years of life and now she is being retired with respect and honour..Then everyone demanded me to say Sorry..I said I haven't done anything bad to her Why should I say Sorry? Then she felt so shy as She has never heard a boy's voice talking about her...Even I felt some sensation in my private parts after saying this..With this..The day ended...And I have landed back to my home..Only thinking about her..As I will be paid for visualizing her in my dreams..She is at provenance..Place of origin today everytime whenever Im thinking something..

            Now tomorrow its ROSE DAY...and RED ROSES resembles LOVE, YELLOW ROSES resembles FRIENDSHIP..and BLACK ROSES resembles ENEMITY and FOENESS...If I'll give my ex-gf Red roses..It would be like Im promising her to deliver a child in her womb and committing officially that Im the father of her child..If I'll be giving Yellow ones- It would be like Im meeting her after she is married to someone else and trying to hide my desire of sex with her..and If I would be giving her Black roses..It would be like Im intimating her that Im in a strategy of raping her..Im really confused what to do...So I'll meet all of you after this ROSE DAY ends tomorrow..

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Vijay Pawar said...

Abhilash veeru......abey mazaa aa gaya yaar padh akr..pehley to tu sex ke baarein mein itna freely nahi likhta tha par aajkal tera blog padh akr itni haasii aati hai ki kya bataun...kisise training liya hai kyaa...aisi baatein karne kii...Just loved your this blog..Im still laughing....Wow....Best lbog..

Unknown said...

Funny Post. I always read your blog. All the points are very funny. There are many websites who famous for funny articles. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

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