4 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Comments On My Efforts !!!

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       saale looking good - YASIR ZAHID
          Hey ur looking smart lad !! Corporate Honcho CEO types !! - ROHIT ROHELA
          Abe teri sardarni dhundh rahe ho kya apne liye jo look sardar ka kar liya hai - NIDHI TIWARI
          Ek tum hi decent and smart lag rahe ho........aur baki sare languuuuuuuuurrrrrrr Akhir mere hi bhai ho na....behen ke jaise smart- NIDHI TIWARI

             Above are the comments on the pictures I uploaded yesterday on my blog post and Orkut's album..It feels so good when your work and effort is being noticed and recognized..You get a job or say PROJECT...then you start thinking about it...at the start ..Ideas conquer your brain and they flash distinct and articulate ideas incessantly infront of you..Atlast you get confused..What to do? Which one to formulate..process and interpret and which one to neglect , ognore and give it a status of Squalor..Then there is a pressure and a deep thinking about How will our creation look like..Will it be accepted by them for whom we are putting our efforts..Sometimes you are in a competition with someone else and then sometimes you want to compete to yourself for improving yourself..for moving to NLG(Next Level of Greatness)..So Failure is the biggest prediction you do then as a soothsayer..You want to confute many who under-estimates you..But fear is the biggest factor which dithers and trembles you..At this time only thing ..the only X-FACTOR you need is CONFIDENCE...If that is your colossal part of presentation..Then there are going to be CLAPS...But if you are lacking in this wonderful sector then you are very behind of your aim..

               As soon as I thought of being a SARDAR and wearing a COAT on the very next day...I only thought about what will I feel after talking with myself infront of Mirror..I did the same after make-up..Then I thought What will be the reactions of Friends...College-mates? I had a believe of a ROUND OF APPLAUSE..I didnt did anything in the will of mercenary..But Winning is always the dream whenever you are in a competition..Let it be a BIG and HUGE like Mr.FRESHER competition or let it be a small UNIT TEST in your class..A will is always there to perform better then what you did the last time when you were the BEST...I went..performed..and scored 2nd position all over college for the look of SARDAR...and got selected in the first 2 Rounds of TIE DAY-the day when I wore COAT...But at the 3rd round I lost bcoz my TIE wasn't visible...Everyone said that it was an UNFAIR DECISION..But I said to myself that they have tries to sharp me for the next TIE DAY..That I have to be COATLESS next time only with a Formal shirt and that Beautiful TIE I had...With this I just felt that I didn't planned anything irregularly and rambling..Nor anything was poppycock from my side..But It wasn't the Best..VIEWERS loved me but JURY had a doubt...

              The comments I have received above are really very special to me...Just bcoz all of them are the closest people of my life...Rohit bhaiyya and Nidhi didi are my brother and sister respectively..And Yasir is my ex-room-mate...Im resurging....Credit goes to my Gems and Stones...and Sai BABA...and then it goes to me who Sleeps less Work more...and Win every time I feel I should win...When I lose..I try for the next time..And then everything is because of all of you reading this..Who love me..and want to see me successful...and with this Im ending with a SECRET CONFESSION...I always think only one thing- If Im not going to be selected ...Then no boy from my class is going to be selected...Just because I feel I can do better then them...This is Over-Confidence..But this sentence makes me Work day and night...

Thanks for reading...And thanks..Yasir..Rohit Bhaiyya..and Nidhi didi...for the very first comment on the photographs of my effort...


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