22 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Worst Blog- Don't Read This !!!

            141TH BLOG -->>

        So finally there's again a controversy on my 137th BLOG...I just love the controversies on the blog because as soon as the talks start about the specific blog..people come and click on my status updates in facebook and read my blogs...Without any promotions and publicity, my blogs gets a lots of readers till the period Blog is in controversy..I have found that If you retaliate to the friend's and classmate's nonsense and tosh comments on their face , it doesn't create any effect but when I reply to their comments through my blog, its such an effect on them that they start trembling, internally and externally ...I just dont care..You can LOVE my blogs..Or..You can HATE my blogs..But you can't IGNORE my Blogs..That's Sure...

         I just think that a man who has never been a victim of any controversy has no targets in his or her life..Because nobody is perfect in whatever they do..Even if you excel in any activity , you can't win always...You cannot avoid mistakes on it..Even Sachin scores DUCK many a time.Several films of Amitabh Bachchan has been the BIGGEST FLOP of the YEAR..like Ramgopal Verma Ki Aag..So you can't say that you have never made a mistake in doing anything...thus never ever has any controversy touched you..If really no polemy has touched you then I matriculate that you haven't done anything in your life..You are just passing your days and just thinking about earning for eating twice a day...If really you are into this..Then you aren't venial..because you are sabotaging your life..Try doing something...Try winning something..Try losing something..Because winning incessantly is like developing a feel of over-confidence in you..

              Sorry friends, Nothing coming in my mind today to write here..As Im feeling very sleepy because I'm sick today...So plz forgive me as this request of mine is venial...Sorry I'm moving early..But just forgive me...



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