8 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Criticism and Habit of Reading !!!

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        When criticisms start knocking your door..You shouldn't hide yourself from it but instead of that you should open up your ears..broaden your mind..to hear it..Empty your cup so that more positivity and suggestions can be filled into it..and then you should think on it and accept the worst you ever thought in your life..I remember when I used to be criticized in my school days..I used to abuse that teacher or student..Then I went up in Junior college and there too I used to over-react raffishly to everyone..Either they may be elders or youngers...But now when I have entered Senior college and Im in process of being graduate..Im more alert and keen now..I quest for the best now..Im changing my that personality so that I can be cool and appropriate when I enter any organization after this professional course..I dont want to be thrashed Like Sharman Joshi in 3 Idiots for my attitude..I want to be complimented for my attitude and approach of conduct and speech..I want to be taken as the best candidate they ever met while interviewing anyone..So Im changing my personalities..Im changing myself..I still remember the words of Abhinav in the comments to my 124th blog that Im losing my respect by writing nonsense about my ex-gf..I took it as a blessing from my younger one and stopped it then and there..ANd now Im with my good topics here..So I would suggest everyone of you out there to be down-to-earth and not to be proudy , aggressive or loud..Be quiet, humble and silent..But when there is an opportunity there you show that even you can be aggressive for your passion..you can be proud for the organization you are working with and in..You should treat everyone so that they can find faithfulness and constancy in you..Believe you..Love you and remember you for their whole lifetime...

            Today I read in newspaper that teens between the age of 18 years to 30 years are losing interest in blogging..They are moving out of this..They are not interested even in Twitter-the site which provides you with micro-blogging of 140 words..They dont want to express even that much of information about them..they dont want to speak out even that much..Everyone is getting attracted towards Facebook and its status and wall..Now when Im blogging , This isnt a good news for me that people arent interested in what I am.. But I hope that teens are interested in reading the blogs..Then only I can survive..otherwise this will not be a feel of pleasure for me to write blogs daily and there is no one to read them and comment on it..I'll fail as a writer..Anyone who is a creator..Who ahs a talent and when he shows it infromt of everyone..He wants every spectator to opine their views and burst out the inner thoughts they have in their soul and mind about their talents..So I hope that people of this age 18 to 30 love reading blogs..and if they dont..then they should develop the power of reading in them..Because I believe that Reading is more powerful than Writing..Writing helps you grow informations of others..But Reading makes you a Perfect person with the knowledge of all the fields and activities...You can debate and be a part of conversation with any kind of groups of people..So friends keep reading..Either Newspaper..either Blogs..Either Novels..Anything..and do this daily for one hour..Like I do..I read the novel for 15 minutes..Read Amitabh Bachchan's blog which takes 15 minutes to read and cope up with its vocabulary..take 15 minutes to read the tweets from 45 different people..and I read newspaper which takes 30 minutes or something..I havent calculated the time it takes to read our course book because that is our Religion to read and learn them..So excluding the time you spend for reading your course book..prepare a time-table which can give you 1 hour extra to read other materials..

             Now ,Im leaving you all here..And transients on my blog..Temporary visitors...I would like you all too to comment and leave your feedbacks...I will appreciate it..and would love to revert back...And just go on with my blogs..As I give time to this acitivity just for all of you who are interested ni reading some new materials daily...Thanks Thanks Thanks...


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