7 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

6th Feb,2007 - The Dangerous Day of my life !!!

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        Got A lot of criticism on my last blog..Really felt bad that you all expect so much and I give you nothing..Abhinav said My blogs seems to be monotonous nowadays and I agree..Im wrong in choosing the subjects for my blogs..Mamtesh read my blog for the 1st time yesterday and got so much acrimonious that he said me to QUIT blogging which Im never going to do..

            I still remember the same day - 6th February but the year 2007 !!! The day I returned from Pune-The city of education.. I was sent to Pune to develop my brain and pass out my 12th from there..I was sent up there on 10th July,2006.. I lived in the hostel there..And my bad luck was that the college wasn't democratic and it was caste-based college..It was a Muslim college..In my hostel I was the only Hindu between 300 Muslims..They all troubled me a lot..They again and again forced me to convert myself into Islam..Now this was not the only provocation they did to me..My college's teachers were so heartless that they slapped me without really thinking that even Im human and I can feel pain..I remember the day when librarian slapped me for 120 times at a time..It took him 45 minutes to complete this record..And my mistake was that I was 2 minutes late @ the library's self reading task..He asked me How much am I late? I replied 2 MINUTES and he said NO IDIOT..U ARENT LATE FOR 2 MINUTES, YOU ARE LATE FOR 120 SECONDS SO I'LL PUNISH YOU FOR THE SAME NUMBER OF TIMES..and then he committed this crime.There was no action taken on him as I didn't told anyone about this because I was so afraid that I was just unutterable there..Har roz do baar..Minimum 8 Muslims and maximum 14 muslims used to come to my room..and used to demur my caste HINDUISM..and used to show that ISLAM is the only caste which is PRISTINE...Because of this I used to get so much trembled that I never slept in night with the fear that they will come and cut my penis as their religion says them to do...With all this, my personality got transformed into a Mental patient and a PSYCHO..

             Then My father picked me up from there on 6th February,2007 and this was the day when I left Pune and missed my roommates who weren't like the other Muslims of the hostel and college..In the initial periods, even they insolented my religion and remarked negativity everytime I used to converse and chat with them..So I missed them a lot and was fed up of my life..I just wanted to suicide and murder myself and this was the only mission of my life at that time comtemporarily..Everyone in the contact came to know that Abhilash a.k.a VeeRu is Psycho and a mental patient who tries to suicide..who shouts anytime..who keeps crying 24 hours..On the whole , I was the biggest topic for everyone to discuss in their group..But what my parents suffered nobody knew..Everyone just knew that my parents arent going to be parents anymore bcoz Im going to suicide..I was a failure..I failed 11th once with 22% ,Repeated it again ..and again failed with 8% marks in Science..What can be worst then 8%..Its a long story...How Im back now..but it took me 2 years to come back to the life which everyone wants to live...I want to reveal every fact of my life here on this blog..I want to talk about the struggle and facts of these 2 years but I can see that readers aren't interested much in the minute details of my life on my blog..So let this be a SECRET...So today on 6th February,2010...Teen saal poorey ho gaye hain mujhe Pune chchodey huye...And I cried even today thinking about my mental sickness and my parent's struggle...Im the single child of my parent..They have no more son and daughter..Im everything for them..And I made them cry so much...I made them pass several nights without sleeping..I made them hide faces from their friends just because I wasn't in the position that they could meet and talk to them..I just want to apologize to my parents for all the needless activities I performed in that 2 years..My last 1 year has passedthe best it could have passed..Now Im back..Im no more sick..Im no more a PSYCHO and Im no more a mental patient..I no more consult a Psychiatrist..I no more take pills..I no more drink Mortein and Hits to suicide..I no more try to climb the terrace of my building and jump up from there..I only try to live my life..Laugh..Smile...experience each and every moment..

             The Worst day of my life and The day which changed my life tremendously...



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Anonymous said...

....but now u r totaly changed....keep smiling my frnd..:)


Abhilash Ruhela said...

Yes Mahesh..Now Im changed...and im even smiling..just a support from my friends like you all is needed...bcoz i do remember the time wen u all used to call me Psycho..It was really a painful moment for me..but thanks to god that Im bak and recovered...

Anonymous said...

i never calld u psyco yaar...really..sumit,raj used 2 called u psycho..Maddy:(

Writing Buddha said...

Arre man dont take this so seriously now...Now everything is OK OK..and I dont want to remember all dat again..Im not blaming you..Im talking about all the boys of chate...not saying to you personally..

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