1 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

YOUNGISTAAN: Vacuum in the name of Revolution!!!

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  Youngistaan is doing better than O Teri and Dishkiyaoon this week and I am done watching the first two movies mentioned. Anyways, watching Dishkiyaoon would not have made this post possible for me as I would have already died watching Sunny Deol, Shilpa Shetty and over that, Harman Baweja together. :-) I am going to talk about Youngistaan now. The movie had good hype because of its actor- Jackky Bhagnani. He is one of those actors who aren't very good looking but their acting and choice of movies talks for them. He shows progress in this movie and looks good whenever he's acting, delivering dialogue or romancing the actress. An actor should have capability of proving his audience that no one except him could have played the role better and Jackky Bhagnani has this skill. If for anything, watch Youngistaan for his improvement in acting. 

           Movie starts with showing Jackky and his love partner- Neha Sharma together, romancing in Japan. Jackky stays with his friend and both of them develops games and software for a company. Suddenly, Jackky's father expires and he is made Prime Minister of India to continue legacy of his father. A 23-year old boy had already promised his girlfriend , Neha that he will never join politics but still does because he couldn't say NO to his father who was breathing his last. And from here, the problem starts banging his life with politics becoming main focus of his life and girlfriend not liking his new busy life. 

          There are some funny moments in the movie between the lead actors that makes you smile and laugh. Farooq Sheikh, who is no more with us, acts very well in his last movie and leaves a great mark over you. Even when he is not talking, his face speaks a lot which says what a great actor he was. But did he save the movie with his presence? The sketchy direction and loose script of the movie couldn't save the ship from drowning. I was expecting something like Anil Kapoor's Nayak but the new Prime Minister does nothing except playing politics against two or three politicians of his own party. In the end, I don't know how but they show Jackky Bhagnani winning Indian voters' heart and movie ends up showing how he operates the nation well. May be all the impression that he created on the Indian citizens would have been in some parallel world. Except Farooq Sheikh's acting, Boman Irani's cameo and Jackky Bhagnani's improvement, this movie has nothing. Absolutely poor movie. 



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