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Embers of Light And The Sacred Secret(Part 1) by Abhishek Gupta (Book Review-4.5*/5)!!!

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     I hope you remember last time in a book review I said that I am up with Epic Fantasy or Historical fiction and I would prefer being little away from them. But its just about one good book and I am back into it. :-) I never believed that there will come a book which will gain my faith again. I am just done reading an almost 370 pages book “Embers of Light and the Sacred Secret (Part 1)”. It also carries a tagline- “Wishing for an angel? Think again!” Its written by the debutante writer Abhishek Gupta who loved to keep his name short on the front cover page “Abhi”. It is published by Konark Publications, unheard of. 

It is best when some secrets remain hidden and some stories remain untold. But is destiny too kind to let this be?A strange Y-shaped symbol in the sky terrifies a mysterious, alien race living secretly on Earth for centuries and changes forever the fate of five human beigns: a Brazilian street fighter, an American cop, a Chinese karate instructor, a Russian environmentalist and an Indian ad maker. Meanwhile, a geek in NYC is amazed to see his dreams grow more and more bizarre each day and meets an angel who isn't conventional in any way. This is the story of how their destinies intertwine. They could have heaven but they did not take it. The demons were against them and so were the angels but that did not scare them. Destiny had already ruled against them but they choose to rebel. Embers of Light is the story of five ordinary humans who choose the path of light over and above everything else even God.

About The Author:-
Abhishek Gupta did his graduation from Delhi College of Engineering and post graduation, in management, from IMI Delhi. He specializes in branding, qualitative market research with a short stint in advertising. Also he had freelanced for Random Magazine, the first humor magazine of India. He is an idealist who loves creativity and enjoys laughing.

          Coming to the author Abhishek Gupta, I would say that in a very young age, he has touched a topic which either senior citizens talk or well-read adults. A young boy writing a story which is all about history, little philosophy, a very well-churned out story and a stable climax without much noise is unbelievable. I am very impressed with the way he has conducted the whole thing from the first page to last. Even when I was in anti-climax and negative thoughts started creeping in that even this book will end up being incomplete because it's going to be published as Trilogy, I was quite happy after the book ended. Not every author knows how to end a book or a story but Abhishek Gupta hits a perfection even here. I am impressed.

         Book starts with a very unique concept of showing how a Brazilian street fighter, an American cop, A Chinese Karate instructor, a Russian environmentalist and an Indian ad maker are given the same address of New Delhi simultaneously to be there. You become curious right at that moment itself. Then the way they keep sipping the liquid and watch the story of Zeeyan and Shaurya- the two princes in history is again another interesting read as you feel that you are one among those 5 listeners. Satatma's role is also well defined. Suddenly when the story of Nicklaus comes in, the book becomes more interesting. I also loved reading the concept of three different worlds on the Earth itself and all being invisible to each other. Amazing! 

            Though the book has many characters right from the beginning but all are talked about in such a manner that it does not seem as if its confusing us. Every character is strongly build because of which this book has got its momentum right. The story of Zeeyan and Shaurya in the history is also very strong which gives the book a very strong base. Even in the climax, as the 8th colour of rainbow becomes a mystery with which the book ends promising it to be disclosed in the Part 2 also seems to be an interesting topic. I wish the 2nd part of this series comes sooner because its hard to know what happened after this. I am in awe of this book still. Seriously. I give this book an undoubtedly 4.5/5. Kudos, Abhishek Gupta.



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