20 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

I VOTED because I want a Better INDIA!!!

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     On 17th April, I voted for the first time in my life along with my mother. Unfortunately, my father wasn't in town because of some official work but I wished even he would have been with us in this inspiring moment of standing in queue, finding our name in list, getting our fingers inked and then voting for our candidate by pressing the deciding button on the ballot machine. I and my mother stood in the queue and when we came very close to the entrance, we saw a paper stuck on the wall that displayed name of the party and the candidate standing from their side. We didn't find the symbol Lotus of BJP and Palm of Congress. I and my mother got confused as to what exactly is the whole thing. Then we got to know from other people in the queue that there are small regional parties as alliance of each of these major parties and if we want to see Modi or Gandhi as the Prime Minister, we will have to end up voting that small regional party even if we don't agree with their ideologies. Well, that's what election is all about. :-)

            After voting, I and my mother were smiling seeing at each other as if my father is himself going to be the PM of the country. Haha! Well, he can be, if a fake version of Aam Aadmi can be the CM of Delhi. :-) At least you will see me on television campaigning for my father, coughing and spreading bacteria all around India. :-) The mark on my index finger is making me proud of myself since that day. I always heard from everyone that we should vote but I never got an opportunity because no party office seriously worked for getting me my Voter Card until this important year of election arrived. I live where the New International Airport of Mumbai is to be built. Hence, even if any party would be ruling here, the area is already going to get developed because it's the need of the time. I wanted someone as Prime Minister and I have made it sure that my vote counts in making him the face of India for next 5 years.

            Indian politics is a very wonderful factor in our country. Even if you don't like politics and you aren't interested in it, that shouldn't be your reason to vote. I have seen people saying that let anyone win, no one is going to change India. That's of course is right but that doesn't mean we shouldn't use the power we have. Very few country provides their citizens with such power of choosing their own minister otherwise we have always heard about few Islamic and other autocratic countries. Democracy is the biggest opportunity that countrymen can have and we should utilize the liberty whenever possible in a bigger way. We have heard what few ministers think of sex and rapes in our country. We have watched other pulling down their pyjamas in Parliament while others watching pornography. How shameful and angry we feel about it, then. Why shouldn't we make it sure that our vote counts in letting the right candidate be in parliament and power.

          How proud we feel when we see our friend as Monitor of the class because of our vote when we are given chance to decide it. Isn't it? How proud our TV viewers are when they vote for a contestant and see him winning a reality show. Isn't it? And that are such small issues which is applicable on improvement or development of just that particular candidate or person. But here, it is about a town, district, state and country. We cannot let our country be slaves in the hands of people involved in corruption, murder, scams and crimes. We should make it sure by watching enough news and reading enough articles related to politics and candidates when the voting is near, at least, so that we don't end up being wrong to our country even by a bit. I am just hoping that my candidate wins. If you want yours to win, please GO and VOTE!!! I can tell you that's the best we can do for our country in spite of being busy with corporate life, competitive exams and colleges. :-)



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Soulmate said...

Just curious, which party did you vote for?

OK, OK, fine, don't tell. But surely AAP is out of the list, since you didn't want to attract any kind of coughing bacterias? :)

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