1 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

O Teri: An aimless ride of 107 minutes!!!

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    After watching Youngistaan, I thought of watching O Teri to forget the bad experience I had with the former movie. But after watching O Teri, I actually started liking Youngistaan for being little more sensible than O Teri. What a waste of time O Teri is. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron was released few months ago. O Teri is just that with little less characters and sound. I don't understand how can this nonsense play of 107 minutes even be called a movie. I am still trying to figure out what exactly they wanted to convey out of lives of two TV reporters who does less of reporting and more of crying and pissing the audience off. 

            O Teri is promoted and shown as a satire on media- how its run according to the ministers and how paid they are. But what it ends up showing is a creepy movie where every dialogue is spoken as if audience will die laughing at it but what the movie get in result is- SILENCE in the CINEMA HALLS. By the way, what can you expect from a movie which is promoted by Salman Khan? Both the actors- Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi try hard to act but ends up being Salman Khan of 1990s. Less acting and more noise. 

          Sarah Jane Dias who won our hearts in Queen has nothing to offer in this movie except showing her long legs. Similarly, veteran actor like Anupam Kher also ends up doing nothing. Vijay Raaz who is popularly known as making us laugh even with few dialogues tries hard but fails because of idiotic script and poor dialogues. There are songs in the movie as if they play a big role to make it better but instead irritates the audience for delaying movie to end by couple of minutes late. The two protagonists keep running with a dead body throughout the movie, in the end they record their conversation with their paid media bosses and politicians and live telecasts it. This is how a movie shows something else throughout and ends up showing something else and make its protagonist heroes. Only in the director's eyes. Another senseless movie to avoid.



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