30 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Kaanchi: It's as "Jhand" as its dialogues!

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    Do your family members call you DUMB? Well, take them for Kaanchi and let them know by themselves that if a person like Subhash Ghai can make dumbest films around a decade, then you are not even in a competition with the legend movie maker. Once upon a time, whenever Subhash Ghai's movies used to release, people would stand in queue to get the ticket. Today, for Kaanchi, theaters opened with not even 10% occupancy at many places. One of my couple friends got a great time in theater with each other. What they did in the seats was better than the whole movie. :-) Kaanchi, in the name of "women empowerment" as said during the promotion of the movie, is one of the wanna-be movies that are released with great thoughts and no preparation.

           Yaadein, Kisna, Yuvvraaj and now Kaanchi- this is what Subhash Ghai has made in last decade. I don't know when like Mahesh Bhatt will Subhash Ghai realize that there's a time when a director should hang his boots. Over that, he played a drummer in one song of Kaanchi to give himself a short presence on the big screen. On the name of revenge, we have seen better film. We have also seen historic films where a lady have challenged the system and showed the women power. Recently, in Queen itself, we saw how Kangana Ranaut silently played a role which created a great impact upon us. Kaanchi is just irritating, boring, loud, screechy and a big head-ache. 

            Mishti, as a debut actress, should consider this movie as her last. She looks a bit like Aishwarya Rai and more like the TV actress, Drishti Dhami. Each and every dialogue that she utters shows her lack in ability of delivering them with impact. She keeps shouting and screaming like B-grade movies' actresses do. I don't know what Mr. Ghai found in her to launch as a lead actress. Every other actor in the movie has either overplayed themselves or their role was under-developed. Mithun Chakraborty seems to have done this movie in the intervals of Ohh My God's shooting. Rishi Kapoor shows why Ranbir Kapoor did Besharam in spite of knowing that it's all about being stupid in the movie. Father's genes! Except that, Rishabh Sinha is quite fine in the movie. Kartik Tiwari is also okay-ish. 

             What should I say more if I'm summarizing this review with Ghai not been able to shoot even kissing scenes properly? On top of that, you have to keep bearing "Jhand Saala" from the actress every 2 minutes and boring plus unforgettable songs by Salim-Sulaiman and Ismail Darbaar every 5 minutes. Over that, Mahima Chaudhary plays a cameo in a song and try to do Kajol of Karan Johar's movies. Did the director think that it will add little spice in already burnt food? Subhash Ghai, please retire and bless us with less idiotic movies.




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