23 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

WORLD BOOK DAY: Actually, it's MY DAY :-)

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  Today, the world celebrates "World Book Day". It's the only day that I don't feel is nonsense and something done for useless attentions. I feel as if I possess this day. I like that there's a day been dedicated to BOOKS. William Shakespeare took birth and expired on the same day in different years- 23rd April, 2014. UNESCO, in order to encourage writing, publishing and copyright, announced this day as "WORLD BOOK DAY" in 1995. Since then, the day is celebrated every year all over the world. Shakespeare is the first author who got such popularity and people learnt what real writing is through him. His quotes are specially published these days in order to motivate people and tell them what's the real purpose of life. I feel it great knowing that a day on books is decided keeping him in mind. 

              Since childhood, books have been part of my life. I have never taken much interest in anything else than books. I craved for playing Cricket, Kho-kho, Kabaddi etc. but my parents used to ask me to complete a book and then go to play. I used to find that task so easy that I would love to do it as interest than punishment. I had subscription to Reader's Digest, Chandamama, Wisdom, Champak, Encyclopedias etc. I used to have 1 copy of almost 7 different subscriptions every month and I used to love reading them as soon as I would know that a post has come containing a book. I was quite shy, boring and uninteresting in childhood because of which kids of my age never took me in the team while playing any outdoor game. That made me lonely. I used to cry and come back home. My mother would play some indoor game with me and ask me to read a new book than concentrating on daily rejections that I faced. After a while, I stopped going out to play and indulged myself in story books. 

             Since then, I have read numbers of magazines, story books and books related to General Knowledge. It has also made me powerful when I debate with someone on any topic. Books give you a momentum while you speak about anything. It helps you in arranging unique words together to form a perfect sentence while you are been asked something you don't even have an idea about. People say that I have an interesting sense of humour. The secret behind it is the amount of stories that's piled into me in all these years. All of it comes out whenever I speak in form of humorous sentences. I told you above that I used to be boring. The same group of boys used to consider me everywhere once I came in 7th std. Just because they didn't find someone as entertaining and crazy as me. I did nothing except making some stories that I read a part of my own life. Hence I used to do all the mad stuffs in real life that I used to read in story books done by those imaginary characters. 

             Since 4 years, I have made a target of reading 75 novels a year. It can be of any genre, any form or on any subject. I have completed the target each year in spite of the tough educational courses I am studying. Once I start reading, I finish 2 books in a day and sometimes, I have even gone up to the extent of completing 3. That's how I read books. Reading books have resulted in a bit of fame that I have got in this world of Literature as authors love reading my reviews about their books. From Chetan Bhagat to Amish Tripathi, Ravi Subramanian to Ashwin Sanghi, Durjoy Datta to Ravinder Singh, Robin Sharma to Rashmi Bansal- everyone knows me personally and I thank God each day for guiding my life to take turn towards this path. My friends hate me for not traveling with them at the exciting places they do but they don't know the kind of world I travel daily through the imagination that these books provide me. But I love to be hated for the sake of books and reading. :-)



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Soulmate said...

The first novel I read was Noah's Ark which my tuition teacher gave me to read on a weekend. Since then, I have never looked back.

I remember very vividly. I preferred waking up early to study for an exam. I could never stay up whole night like an owl. But that I did for reading Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Famous Five and Twilight. Once I had started reading Prisoner of Azkaban after finishing my dinner and lost track of time. Suddenly somewhere in compete silence, my mother yelled at me in the middle of night to switch off the light. I hadn't realized till then that everybody had gone to sleep. I looked up at the wall clock. It was 3.30 a.m.

Books are heaven. Its thrilling whenever a new arrival comes in the market. :)

Sandeep Kanabar said...

This is very very inspiring, Abhilash!! A simple but super inspirational and wonderful blog post!!!!

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