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The Celestial Hunt by Devikumar Ramalingam (Book Review-2.5*/5)!!!

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       This has been my first e-book ever. I am done reading 88 pages "The Celestial Hunt" by Devikumar Ramalingam published by Bookode Publishers. I loved the way the book is written as a novella than a full-fledged novel as it has very few plots, twists and tales to talk about. I love the way story is initialized telling about the spicy relationship between the teacher, Jaidev and student, Koushik. It interests you. Also how a book brings both the protagonists closer is something that makes you alert as you want to know what the book and the reality behind it would be. 

           Author, Devikumar, aged 28, has chosen a very good theme to write his book upon. His freshness is seen as the book is good in some parts while it struggles at some. He has good story to tell but the narration is weaker some times. The start is very good considering even the first half. There are lots of loopholes in the second. The major drawback that I felt was the switch over from one scene to the another. It's too straight and blunt. It should have been pacy and soft. As soon as you are into the flow of the story, suddenly you are moved out of it and put into some different world and plot. By the time you get adjusted to it, you are again into something else. 

           Leaving this pothole aside, I have loved the way characters are been used in the story. I also liked the use of locations in the book. The theme is very hard and difficult to write but the way author has attempted it is great. I also felt that if paragraphs would have been smaller, it would have been little more catchy. What happens with Viraaj, Harsith, Claudius in the time machine and the space they move into is exciting to read. The past behind the book and the mention of Indrajit and the whole plots around him and Jaidev is the best part of the book. Edwin and Rebecca's part are also treated well. 

          In short, I would say that the book is good in parts while falls at some. I will rate it 2.5/5. But I believe the author can show improvement with his next work. He has ability to pick up risky stories and tell.

Author Bio: 
Engineering graduate from Alagappa Engineering College, Anna University. 
Software Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai since December 2007. 

It has been my ambition to write short stories and novels which convey powerful messages to the society. "The Celestial Hunt" is my debut novel and this focuses on liberating people from corruption, communalism & poverty. 

I had published this novel in March 2010 (hard copy) and did a complete makeover retaining the core theme and published as an ebook on January 2014.
Blended with science fiction, spirituality, history & philosophy,  I hope the novel offers a  fascinating experience to the readers with captivating plots till the last line.

 Thanks a lot.


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