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Highway: Its a road that you can travel JUST once!!!

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          Finally I got to watch Highway yesterday. I remember meeting Imtiaz Ali at an event in January where I talked about ambition and success with him. We also chatted a bit about his upcoming movie then- Highway. He told me that he has tried to made a movie out of box just like he did with Rockstar but said it himself that its not as dramatic as the latter. Now after watching the movie I understand what he meant to say. He also asked me to write about it on my blog as soon as I see it. I apologize him for delaying the process by more than a month when this review will advantage the movie by not even a penny. But I am reviewing just because I have seen people reviewing a movie even after watching it's World TV Premiere. So here it is. :-)

            Highway is a movie that makes you interested in the locations that they show when their truck is moving or the characters are resting. It's a movie that speaks about freedom, hidden pain, silence, love, relations, liberty, journey, characters etc. It tries to give an unsaid message but seriously speaking, it looks more as a wanna-be movie and less as something that will stay with you for a long time. Imtiaz Ali has a certain sufi-ness imbibed in his personality itself which gets reflected in his movies too. The same legacy of sufi continues even with majority of scenes of Highway but it fails to develop as a movie because of it being good in bits and pieces. 

            Alia Bhatt is a surprise package in the movie-First, as an actor and then, as a singer. I was surprised seeing Alia, a glamorous girl, acting so elegantly and passionately in this serious movie that even Randeep Hooda's acting skills looked smaller in front of her. Every thing that she does interests you. Her frail body and weakness in the beginning to her nonstop talks with herself to her being friendly and fearless with her own kidnapper to her western dance in a traditional dress to her emotional and sentimental acts in the movie. Coming to that one song which she has sung, it takes you to a different world- what a soulful singing it is. Kudos to the girl, Alia. Coming to Randeep Hooda, his Haryana's accent does the trick in the movie and makes us love him for being a kidnapper with no intention of harming the girl. He plays his part well enough to win our heart.

            I loved the scene when Alia Bhatt runs after Randeep Hooda allows her to run as fast as she can. What an expression and body language she displays in it! Then I loved the way she narrates the incident of child abuse and molestation that her uncle does with her to Randeep Hooda. Later on, when both the characters become friendly and starts living at the mountains, it makes you feel the essence of the movie. The climax was expected. It is very predictable. But the last scene of the movie makes you happy with the way Alia's character's life moves ahead. The concept of showing Alia being trapped when with family and feeling alive and free when kidnapped is what Highway is all about and you will also like it up to some extent. In short, it's a one time watch for sure if you like a movie that progresses slowly. 

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