23 March 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Ragini MMS 2: Watch it for Dirty Sex and not Horror!!!

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   I don't know what made me decide watching Ragini MMS 2 at 12 PM tonight. It has finally ended at 2 AM and I'm little scared just because I am into horror movies. The last I saw was Urmila Matondkar's Bhoot which I hardly remember anymore. I just don't find it a right idea to watch something not to entertain you but scare. :-) Talking about Ragini MMS 2, no one is concerned regarding deliverables in terms of it being a sequel to Ragini MMS, which at least got good business to get noticed. Ekta Kapoor started something new with this trend of Sex+Horror. What could have been better than casting Sunny Leone in the lead? But the main problem that Ekta Kapoor does with this movie is:- Considering Sunny Leone in the leagues of Salman Khan where people will come running to get into the theaters just to witness Sunny Leone. This is impossible even if you say that Sunny Leone is acting nude for whole 2 hours. 

          Because I am not much into horror movies, I got scared for some times but seriously speaking, there's nothing new in this movie for horror lovers. Movie starts well showing how it is an exact sequel of its first part. It shows Ragini of Part 1 in a mental asylum where Sunny Leone reaches to talk to her as she is portraying Ragini in an upcoming movie as a part of research. After that, the same scenes are being shot the way Ragini's case happened. But as the writer of the story decides of shooting the whole movie in the same place where the case took place, the Maharashtrian chudail is back, the scary voices are back and the spirit of her enters Sunny Leone after a while where she kills people even while making out with then. 

           After 20 minutes or so, you realize that you are watching more than a B-Grade movie where there are make-up done artists trying to be a scary ghost but looks nothing other than someone wearing a mask and trying his best to scare us. Just because there's a scary music in background does not mean you have made a good horror tale. There are some filthy and deceitful jokes in the movie that will shame you enough for your taste of movies. More than the skin show and sex on the screen, you will find raunchy and naughty people with dirty and foul languages all around you (in halls). Coming to USP of the movie- Sunny Leone- you will find her having sex in bathroom with her boobs blurred opposite an actor whom you have never seen before. You will find her having sex in pool, lake, bed, bathroom etc. You will also see her playing with herself making sounds like oooooohhh aaaaah and similar sort of things. The only time she looks convincing is in the climax when she is tied to a chair. Divya Dutta also plays her part very well but there's not much for her to do in a movie that has nothing into it.

            You also find other male actors in the movie dying to have Sunny on bed. There are dialogues like "Ye Porno se Rituporno kab se ban gayi". You will see another actor masturbating and saying that its better to imagine Sunny Leone than Katrina and Kareena. What a cheap show the whole movie is! I just can not believe that Ekta Kapoor can go up to these levels to earn few crores. If there's something really that I remember about the movie now, its Baby Doll in the beginning and Chaar Bottle Vodka in the end of the movie. Just! In short, watch this movie only if you love and lust Sunny Leone like anything otherwise wait for some other horror movie to release. 



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Soulmate said...

Ofcourse there would be dirty sex in the movie. There's Sunny Leone in the film! What else did you expect? I think most of the viewers would want to watch the movie not for horror, but for Sunny. :)

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