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2 States by Chetan Bhagat (Book Review-4.9*/5)!!!

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        If there is one author who really makes aspiring authors of India dream and look up to in terms of success and fame achieved, it's none other than CHETAN BHAGAT. Though Amish Tripathi is killing these days but still, there's some thing about Chetan Bhagat which will always remain immortal- his naturalness and laymen-friendly language used in the books. He uses very less characters in his book but still makes it look as a Blockbuster movie playing in front of our eyes. I became his fan in 2009 and till date, the coolness that I find in his book is still missing in the books I read by other authors. His brother, Ketan Bhagat, with his debut novel, Complete/Convenient almost reached the mark that his celebrity brother is known for. But still, Chetan Bhagat is a legend and will remain to be in the world of Indian book-selling history. 

           I am just done reading "2 States" for the second time; I read it last time when it came out in 2009. Whenever I go to watch any of the movies adapted by an Indian author's book, I make sure that I read it again just before watching the movie to judge how the adaptation has been done than finding out how entertaining the movie is. It was great to read film's opening day success as I was turning the pages of the book to finish it as soon as possible so that I can watch the movie on its 2nd day. :-) 2 States is a very unique story where the author discusses inter-community marriages in modern India. And it's true. The dilemma still exists among old generation if their children should chose their own life partners and if yes, then if they should be from the same community or any. 
   What I loved about 2 States is its natural sense of humour. The book made me laugh just as 5 Point Someone did. And therefore, it's obvious why these two books are always named as CB's BEST. The narration is so fluid and straight that you will never find yourself lost at any point of time. The characters are so well-build up that even when a far-off relative is discussed, you feel as if he is your own mama or chacha. What the author has done with the characters of protagonists' parents is what makes this book really special. It contains more about parents of Krish and Ananya than they themselves. That's what makes this book unique and something that stays with you for a long time. You find your own parents taunting and screaming at you whenever the parents in this book does the same. :-)

           Book starts with the campus life and how the two people came together. It's wonderful to observe the transformation that takes place in the character of Ananya in the whole book. The way corporate life is discussed also made me laugh with the character of Bala and his similar bossy attitude that he keeps giving to Krish. I loved the entrance of Krish's mother in the convocation ceremony when she taunts how the Madrasis have an eye upon Punjabi boys by giving examples of Hema Malini and Sridevi. The tension between the father and son is also written and explained quite well throughout the book. But I loved the way climax took place. The most powerful scene in the book is when Krish goes back in flashback and tells about his physical attack on his father by him. There's a moment when Ananya says "Fuck off" to Krrish in the second half of second half (Well!). That scene has been the most humorous to me including all the dialogue parts between the respective protagonist's parents. :-)

          If you will ask me to mention some drawback- I would say there is none except the chapter being stretched more than enough while describing the Duke's wedding scene. That's all. Else, I loved how CB mentions some funny behavior and traits of both the communities. I loved the way he spoke almost everything he had in his mind because it could have played against him if someone would have taken this book seriously. It's estimated that almost 2 crore people have read 2 STATES. What star would I give to a book that's already been read by almost everyone and that too when the movie of it has also been released today. But for me, it is 4.9/5. 


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Soulmate said...

That's the thing about Chetan Bhagat. Love him, hate him, but you just cannot ignore him! I love reading his columns in TOI. His simple yet effective style of writing strikes a chord with the readers. I have each and every novel of his in my small, personal library. He is a superb author.

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