24 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

And I complete 5 years in MUMBAI!!

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   It has been 5 years since I have come to Mumbai. It was 15th April, 2009 when I stepped in Mumbai for the first time and since then the kind of obsession that I have for this city of dreams and the one which never sleeps is undefinable. I have stopped going to my native place since then. I have stopped meeting my friends of different cities because I am so addicted with everything of this city that I don't want to experience anything except it. The kind of opportunity and wonderful experience that this city gives can not be compared to any other city. Well, I am not trying to degrade other small towns or metro cities but I am only trying to tell the amount of love I have for Mumbai. Similarly, I used to love Pune once. But since Mumbai has given me some unforgettable beautiful experiences, I have forgot Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad and almost every other city I have lived in before.

            The passion that people carry in their hearts here makes it the city with the best economy and working abilities. Any person when does not find opportunity in their city, they migrate and come to Mumbai because they know, either now or later, they are going to be successful in this very city. I have traveled to CST quite a few times, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Andheri, Worli and Dadar- Everywhere I see people running in speed to catch up for their work. In local trains, I see people studying for their competitive exams, interviews or for self-education purpose. But they don't waste time. I have never seen a person in good attire ever enjoying the visuals out of the window from bus or train here. They are always on their laptop, tablet or mobile sending a mail to someone or preparing report. They do not compromise with time. That's why I love this city. It motivates me every now and then when I feel that I shouldn't strive much and lead a simple life. The lives of such people push me further to work harder and be competitive. 

             I love the feeling that Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Priyanka Chopra, Chetan Bhagat, Hrithik Roshan, Amish Tripathi, Shahrukh Khan and other personalities whom I adore and look up to lives in my own city within the diameter of 70 kilometers. Salman Khan's and Ajay Devgn's farm house are under 10 kilometer's radius itself. What more could I demand from God than living so close to these people? At least a bit of their positive vibes might be reaching me that encourages me to keep doing something or the another to keep myself interested in this great thing called LIFE. I am thankful to God that these corrupt ministers don't have their headquarter in Mumbai. They are better in Delhi itself. But I wish the whole literary set up from Delhi also comes to Mumbai soon as many Bestseller authors are shifting lately to Mumbai. :-) 

            Many of you would say why I didn't post this on 15th April itself. Actually, I kept it for 24th because we had a big election day in our city plus our very own child, Sachin Tendulkar, is celebrating his birthday. :-) But I am very disappointed to know that not even 20% of my fellow citizens went to vote by noon. In the excuse, they are saying their name wasn't in the list. Why didn't you check it before hand then? How far is the party office from your home? During this Election Fever, every party activists help you in whatever problem you discuss with them regarding votes. Just speaking in English and shopping in malls do not make you a classy 21st century modernistic people. You have to show how important you consider your area, state and country by being present on that very day when it matters for the city. Next time, when a terrorist attack takes place, there's water-logged roads just after 5 minutes of heavy rainfall, there is scarcity of water or potholes everywhere in city, do not come up with candles at Gateway of India. 

           Well, as I am completing this post, I get to know that more than 50% Mumbaikars have voted and broke their previous record of 2009. Thanks to the better turn out. Finally, I can say that my Mumbai is perfect. Isn't it? :-) 

 Thanks Mumbai and its people.

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Soulmate said...

Congrats on completing 5 years in Aamchi Mumbai :)

I wish you have more success in your favourite city. But hey! Leave some of the literary geniuses in Delhi alone. Otherwise we people here might become literary bankrupts. As for the corrupt politicians, its because of them that the media is alive and kicking in the capital. Else our lives would be very boring without Breaking News, Headlines and anchors shouting their throats out at primetime!

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