24 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

He's not in Cricket anymore, but he's in our HEART- SACHIN TENDULKAR!!!

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   24th April, 2014- As soon as I looked towards the date on my tablet screen, I got excited as I realized its Master-Blaster Sachin Tendulkar's birthday. This is going to be his first birthday after retirement and I am sure he would be feeling very awkward today. It has happened many times in his career that he has played matches on his birthday. Sometimes, he have scored 100 and made it double celebration for himself and his fans. Sachin Tendulkar has been the most loved personality of India and he will remain to be in spite of many new talents whom we are giving all our love these days. Every time I see Virat Kohli playing wonderfully, I realize that we have got a new Tendulkar in Cricket but then I wish how wonderful it would have been if Sachin was still there and both of them would have killed the opponents together. But then I realize there's no way to get Sachin Tendulkar back into Cricket. 

             Knowing the fact that Sachin Tendulkar belongs to my own country, I feel that there could have been no other nation I would have been proud of if born there. Our Country is the best in the world in terms of many things but when we talk about sports, we do not remember any other name except Sachin Tendulkar, Dhyan Chand and Vishwanathan Anand. When Sachin received Bharat Ratna this year, almost every Indian rejoiced the fact that it has been given to someone who truly deserves it even at the age when no one ever received the honorary award before. Though many felt that Dhyan Chand deserved the respect before Sachin but they never said that Sachin don't deserve it. Indian Government had to change the rules for giving this highest respected medal to Sachin Tendulkar.
         Once Navjot Singh Sidhu said, when Tendulkar was been accused for ball tampering, that in our country, finger can be pointed at its Prime Minister, but not at Sachin Tendulkar. That's the kind of trust Sachin has built just with his bat. Even Ricky Ponting claimed in his recently released Autobiography that Sachin manipulated his statements during the Monkeygate issue and saved Harbhajan. But no one has approved this even unofficially from Indian department. Once Ganguly made all the team come together against a coach because he slapped Sehwag after he got out by playing the same shot he was asked to avoid. Ganguly and team members wanted the coach to apologize Sehwag in front of the team. It was Sachin who solved the matter without letting the coach apologize Sehwag as he believed it is an insult to the teacher.

            Similarly, in one of the India-England test is recent years, a player got controversially out. India rejoiced as they weren't performing well and this was the key player who was scoring centuries after centuries in the same inning to slaughter Indian bowlers. Even umpire obliged the appeal. It was Sachin who asked Dhoni to call the batsman back on the field as they don't want him to get out this way. That's his unsaid greatness. There has been instances when Sachin got out, bowler appealed but Umpire gave a wrong decision. It has been Sachin every time who himself left the crease when he knew that he is out without caring for what Umpire's decision is. Making and breaking records is something that keeps on happening in Sports but these qualities that Sachin has inherited in many Indians is why he is known as the GOD in our country. 

               Remembering his farewell speech with which he left Cricket never to return back, it represents all the qualities of an Indian man. He mentioned how much he loves his family, he told how he missed his children and how he is going to spend all his life with them in future, he thanked his uncle-aunty who helped him play Cricket, he thanked his parents, his teachers, every coach of team, team players etc. He just made sure that no one right from the bottom to top is left to be thanked. He even thanked cameramen to capture some beautiful shots of his life in Cricket. What a gesture! Though Sachin Tendulkar has left Cricket but what he has given us will always make him a family member to each person of this country. After God, if we will try to find a person with all the characteristics we see Lord Rama with, we will remember THE GOD- SACHIN TENDULKAR. A Very Happy Birthday to you, MASTER BLASTER. My love and respect is always there for you. 



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