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An Interview with Rajev Paul- Actor and Poet!!!

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It has been a wonderful opportunity to interview Rajev Paul- Rajev Paul an actor on Indian Television, has been known for the roles he has done from Swabhimaan to Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki to Nach Baliye and recently Big Boss 6. He released his book of poetry in Hindi "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai" in 2012. Do read the interview what he wants to say about his poetry and the two books he has contributed in.

1. Hello Rajev, how has been life after Bigg Boss as you turned out favorite of many viewers?
That’s very sweet of you to say. Yes I get tremendous response from people all over the world..Children, men, women all seem to be extremely fond of me. I have been travelling for events appearances and hosting shows all over.

2. When you entered the house, you had published a poetry collection of yours. Why didn’t you talk about it on the cameras? 
Well now you know what we speak and what is shown is different..I spoke about it quite a few times about my book "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai". A lot of people write to me about it.

3. Since when did your interest in writing poetry develop?
Well my book got published in 2012 and my Juhi Chawla had done the honors . I used to write since a long time. Obviously poetry can’t be written in a day and a book certainly not overnight. I look at my poetry writing skill as a gift of God and it has come to  me through my mom who is a great poet and I always saw her write..though she has not published her poetry.

4. What was your first book of poetry about?
My book is a collection of poetry in Hindi as the title suggests its called "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai" and it aptly speaks about Love Loneliness and Life in a Metro..the Politics of our country parents families…Hometowns etc..All the thoughts that we come across on a daily basis..that's what you find in the book..Its a reflection of your feelings..

 5.    Are we going to see Rajev with more books on poetry in coming years?
Yes I have been fortunate to be a part of another book called Aatish which is again a collection of poetry from different poets in the world and it has amongst others The Gulzar Sahab and Irshad Kamil. Each poetry is on a social issue accompanied by a photograph depicting the poetry…It’s a unique effort..which must be appreciated. Its been compiled by Foquia Wajid from Bangalore and her team called On Fire.

6. Why don’t you write poetries in English too; as the audience for English language is wider?
Oh I think in Hindi and my Hindi is certainly better than my English..though when I read works of other eminent poets I feel I am nothing..But rather than using complicated unheard of words just for effect..I use colloquial but decent language which a common person can relate to and understand.
I do at times write in English but am not sure if I am ready for a full fledged book in English as yet..but you never know maybe I am hiding something that I will reveal at an appropriate time.

7. We have seen you sharing poetry on your Social Networking accounts, what comments do you receive for it? 
Oh yes I love to share my work..Thats how I got the confidence to bring my book initially…Social network is like a nasha.. Like how actors say films and Tv Theatre give you stardom..But theatre gives us..Instant connect and instant reaction…
Same way here on Facebook you post something and one gets instant reactions from people the world over..Its madness and amazingly satisfying…I post things on topical subjects..of lately I have been writing about the ongoing Elections in the country and in my own lil way I contribute my views and try and put people’s feelings in my words. 
People mostly like my work and sometimes share their own stuff with me and want me to correct or comment on theirs..The flip side though is at times people pass it off as their own on their walls..and forwards bbms and whats app…its q funny when I receive my own Poetry as a forward.. 

8. When is your next published work coming out?
Hopefully sometime this year…Now my second book is getting ready..I can assure you its much better than my first work..I think I have evolved as a human being and have had far more experiences of life..and been in situations much more and hopefully been able to understand absorb and hopefully feel more and able to express my feelings in a better way..So yes sometime this year my new book will hit the stands..

9. Are we also going to see you write stories?
Hmmmm…that’s a suggestion I get from most of the people..but if you read my poems..there is always a story that am telling in my own way…Poetry is a part of the story..dil dukhna..kuch ehsaas feelings ka hona..aur unhe alfaaz me baya karna is poetry…In my book there are some stories in poetry form which run into more than 10 pages..Read my book to know more.. 

10. What is the last thing you would like to tell your readers?
Internet is a great thing…But book reading is also great..read books they help you have better conversations. And poetry is amazing..alll love poetry as I think all songs are now poetry but no one buys a poetry book easily..I always ask people..you love poetry? And the answer is always..Oh yes..and then I ask when was the last time you purchase a book of poetry..and the answer is…ummmm..so pls change that answer…say Yes..:) 

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