6 April 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Those 7 Days when I learnt my Drawbacks!!!

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   Recently, my cousins visited me at my home for the first time in last 25 years since I have taken birth. That's what relatives are. And that's what relatives will always be. Somewhere in heart, there is lot of negative vibes for them because it's called the relation of blood and what we get in return is disapproval, betrayal, ignorance and hatred. Well, I can not say that I give only love, virtue and courtesy from my side. Summarizing the whole equation of ours, I will say that its the same what they show in the movies- the children of 40+ brothers not being very close to each other and always comparing among themselves. Well, I don't even compare myself with my cousins or any relatives because I care the least about anyone. Let's leave this topic before it gets more hot and start with the subject for which I am writing this post. 

          My two cousins are not very much interested in studying and they say it proudly. One is interested in lifting weights and developing physique while another is interested in playing Cricket all day. That's cool because at least they have a passion in life. It's not even their problem that they aren't very interested in achieving zenith in life because there in Kanpur, people talk less about development of personalities and more about family politics and easy way of earning. They are ignorant about the fact that there's no easy way to earn even a single penny. A beggar when targets 20 audience, gets a rupee by one of them. The probability of receiving money from someone in a very easy manner is very low until you are doing it legally and morally. 

             But instead of the lack of experience and reality check that both of my cousins were having, there was something very good about them. They didn't have any ego. For the whole day I used to be in college and never ever did they say that they are here to meet me while I am giving all the DAMN to my college. They used to see my mother working in kitchen, going to market, cleaning home etc and rather than watching her, they used to help her. This is something that I never do- leave others I don't have time to help even my mother. I loved the way they knew every other thing of household. Let it be cleaning clothes, utensils, cutting and chopping vegetables, cooking dishes, repairing switch boards, changing fans from one ceiling to another, polishing shoes etc. I felt myself so low in front of them. Because what they know, I don't, what I know, they don't. They have not read even a single novel in their life while I have not even touched a single material at home for repairing. :-) 

             My mother took them to vegetable market and they lifted 50 KGs of potato and onions themselves and brought it up on the 1st Floor where we stay. My mother even said to them that she will distribute it in 10 kgs each so that it will be easy to bring it up but they didn't let her speak the whole sentence and the sack was already at home. This was the aura that they created. They were one of the few guests whom I missed after they left day before yesterday. My friends come at home, they see my mother working or something at my home not at right place but they never help her nor they put the thing at right place. I do when I am at someone else's house. I like my absence being felt once I am out of the place. I want to do something fruitful every where I am present. But still, what these cousins of mine have done is quite impossible for me to achieve. :-)

            Another great talent they had was remembering the routes, roads and small lanes even when they walked across it just once. In the morning, I took them on my bike to a stop from where they had to catch bus for Mumbai Darshan. I told them that I would come in evening to receive them but they said,"Bhaiyya, hum aa jayenge. Aap apni padhai karo bas". This was another great particular thing about them. They saw me either writing for my submissions every time or reading a novel/newspaper or doing something related to literature but never asked why am I not participating with them in something that's related to my home and me. While I kept lecturing them on why don't they study nicely and read books so that they gain extra knowledge in life. They didn't interfere in my life even once in a week that the stayed while I made quite a lot comments on their living style. Whatever it was, these 7 days have taught me an unsaid message. :-)



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Soulmate said...

Wow, nice to read this one. Something new after a long time..and refreshing! I never heard or saw anything like this before. Everytime I have guests/relatives at home, I am like 'atithi tum kab jayoge?' :)

I remember when my cousins come for a visit. Though they help my mother a lot, they keep this complaint non-stop, that I should leave aside my work for the number of days they are here and have fun with them, go out with them and click lots of pictures with them. Then later leaving me aside, its always Facebook zindabad, you know?

Kudos to your cousins. I am sure you will be missing them a lot! :)

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