18 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Beginning of a New Series- 601st......

601st BLOG POST -->>

             The first sentence of a new series of Blog. :-) It feels so blithe and pleasureful to see that even after 2 years and 10 months, 600 blog posts, 52000+ tweets, you are not bored of me and still present to support me.  The experience of last 600 Blog Posts has been wonderful. I apologize to those non-book-readers who blamed me and will blame me for writing much of book-reviews and less of my stupid thoughts. :-) I never knew that there are enough stupids like me who loves to read what their kind of person is writing and talking. :-) And to my surprise, seeing at the number of readers I have, how sad is this to say that there are more number of stupids than intellectuals. Hahaha. But, for me, Stupids have more respect than Intellectuals as they are true and honest to themselves and even to others. These intellectuals just have a habit of faking around every where. I hate them so much. But, I'm happy that I have support of everyone who knows what is meant to be talked and spoken on the public forum. 

            Some feel that I should not give detailing of my personal life. What's personal? Everyone has to go through what I or anyone goes through. If they haven't gone through what I have scribbled as my experiences, they'll get an idea how to face the moment when it comes in their life. And if they have already faced the situation, they know that this guy is speaking what I want to speak to all. So, it's better to talk about Personal life than something which is too intellectual and dramatic. Huh!!! 

            There are many Congratulatory messages in my Inbox of every kind for accomplishing something that has been done by very few in our nation. There are some readers who have showered too much humbleness and love in their comments. Every time I accomplish a Centurion blog, I get to read some thing that motivates me so so much. I am sure that I will keep impressing everyone and make them a part of this regiment of mine. I don't know if I'll write blogs for how many more months or years, but till I am writing, I will make it sure that I'll never fall into any such dustbin that will make these readers ashamed for the fact that they followed a person who is such a crap. I expect to keep delivering love, happiness, motivation through my Blog Posts. For some it may be irritating, I don't care. For those, this medium is a reading-routine just as it is for me from the writing and updating part, I care for them. Let me share some very beautiful comments that made me smile and which came directly from their heart. 

Anuj Tiwari said...

I really appreciate your work and they way you write the things. I have seen many UPs and DOWNs on your blog but those were just because, truth is always hard to curb. But as my personal opinion I always liked your "Bindas" way. Touching the number of 600 is not easy so you deserve this appreciation but this is not the end, miles and miles you have to go. I just wish you'll continue your journey with your true reviews. And I am sure the guy who have written 600 reviews can do anything. Just go go and go ahead and touch the zenith of success. All the best. 
"Live in those moments where you feel your work gives you pleasure and a deep happiness then success and failure doesn't matter in your life."

Anamika said...
First of All Congratulations Abhilash for achieving a new landmark in ur wonderful passion of writing blogs n yes today ur a creator n author of 600 blog posts..Keep it up !! I'm so so happy for u..I read my name der in d blog space..Wat shld i say..Thank u..Thank u for being so humble..I'm honoured..
Actually Its jus a matter of fact we read what we like...I really like ur expression n style of presenting..As I hv mentioned before bt would share it again dat U’ve been penning dwn on a variety of topics which r exciting wid beautiful titles n content..Be it fiction,an open letter,ur personal expriences n memories,book reviews,moview reviews,blogs on celebs, cricketers n current issues..D simplicity n versitality is maintained..I would love to share d individual blog post names n my long list of favourites in dat last 100 posts bt won't bcos i knw if i'll do dat dis tym i'll end up writing a new blog post in d comment section..Bt still i'll say dat der hv been moments wen I’ve laughed smiled n even cried while reading nd nd nd more than dat ur posts have compelled me to think think n think for a long time abt wat I read in d blog..
A.R.B. is d only blog i'm following n it has given a life to my internet world..I’m actually learning a lot frm u..My Respect n a big big Thank u to U !!
I've landed late bt it’s been a privilege to witness ur journey n I’m also too blithe to see d improvement frm 500th to 600 th..Yes Yes its wrth mentioning dat u’ve truly made it large n I hope n pray dat u continue wid dis...Wish to hold a book of urs in my hands with PRIDE one day..
Surely u hav a long way to go n Ur efforts r paying off N at dis big moment n day for A.R.B. I'm Wishing u everything best in life n a bright future ahead..
Congrats once again..Keep going..Keep writing.. "Stay blessed"..All d best !!

Vickas Tomar said...
you are a star my frnd..brilliant brilliant brillint keep it up.apke 600 blgs ke khas avsar pe kch shayari ho jaye kya?? Hum isliye karte hain apki taarif,ki ap writing ki duniya ke star ban jayen//Safalta ke naye shikhar ko ap chute rahe ki har koi apka kayal ban jaye..

Vinit Bansal said...
superb Abhi!! the way you write and the type of person you are... hats off to u man!! Your passion for writing shows dat u hv understood d fact dat "d sky's the limit"
stay blessed and keep rocking....

:) You know what... u r an inspiration for all of us!! we r doing it for any purpose(whether it is name or fame) but u.. u r doing it because of ur creative soul..dats why i respect u a lot..

Salute u Abhilash!!

Ishita Bhown said...
hey congrats for ur 600th blogpost..indeed another milestone..
blogging so consistently is very difficult and kudos to you on managing it so well..
i read few of your posts and have often complimented them ..but this time i had a little complain..
hope you do not mind my honest( unasked) feedback about ur 600th post..
when i read the post..i could feel the simplicty that was ur trademark was not that apparent in this one..the vocab used was just too good for a normal reader like me to understand..offcourse as a writer, thats something to be proud of..but as a reader..i could not connect that much vd the post beacuse most of the wrds were uncommon..i may attribute my poor vocab fr the same..but not all ur readers would have as good english as you..so please try to write keeping them in mind...
just a sincere advise...considering the fact tht i am otherwise an admirer of ur writing style..
keep writing!and congrats!

Abhishek Akrant said...
Did I miss something? Hope I'm not late in the party :P ... First of all, congrats man for scaling this mammoth feat, which many authors can only dream to reach. Reading your blogs has always been a fun-filled experience, given the fact, your blogs are relatable. I have always loved your blog also because it's Sans oxymoronic statements and insanity-proof concepts. 
Remain grounded and don't let success get over your head, as it does to other authors in India. And yeah, please don't feel bad if I don't comment on your blogs regularly, sometimes I feel short of words, and since I don't like aping my "Purana wala comments :P " so I rather tend to avoid commenting. I like your centurion posts because they are breeze in the fresh air. Something different than your usual posts. I am now kinda acquainted to your style of writing and posts, so it's an easy ride for me being your reader. If you keep writing this way, one day my kids would comment on your blog " Uncle mere papa aapke blogs padha karte the aur aapki badi tareef kiya karte the :P :D " Just a figment of my imagination. LOL... Cheers :)

             So these are some accolades that every Blogger/Writer/Artist/Creator quests for. And how lucky am I to get all these even without asking. Thanks to all these people to give so much time to my achievement and post such lengthy comments. And also to those who dropped by for just dropping a comment to let me know about their presence. And for others, who, like every time read and went away like a Spy, thanks. :-) 

           Let's start real Blogging from next post. Thoda concession toh de diya karo guru jano. :-)


4 CoMMenTs !!! - U CaN aLSo CoMMenT !!!:

Anonymous said...

Oye yaar dil khush kar ditta tussi...
Anamika is your true fan; her comment is simply awesome.... You've achieved quite a lot. It's all because of your perseverance and sheer devotion, and I wish that you continue your marathon run undeterred and unfathomed. Cheers


Anamika said...

I'm as always very very happy to read a new fresh post on Arb..Bt dis one is indeed spcl for d fact dat u've crossed 600th n yaa offcourse as a reader i'm also too blithe to read 601st...THANK U for posting dat comment here in d blog space..For all those accolades i think U truly truly deserve all dis..Keep going..All d best !!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Peerless Acme, and yes, Anamika is a true reader.. I cannot compare anyone with her.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamika.. I dont have any words to reply on this to you..

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