27 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Love, Life and Lust by Pritesh Bhosale!!!

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             Almost a record this time. Ok, two records. First, I read the 4th book of Srishti Publication in a row. :-) Second, I completed this one is just 2 hours. Yes, my reading speed can give tough to Milkha Singh sometimes. Ok sorry. :-) This time, it was Pritesh Bhosale's "Love, Life and Lust". Pritesh Bhosale is 27 years old, works in a pharmaceutical company in Aurangabad. He had a very successful launch of his first book recently. But I would like to blame Srishti Publication for one thing. Before deciding and approving a final title of the book, they should check once if there is another novel present around with the similar title. In 2009, Expression Publication published Azhan Ahsan's "Love, Lust and Life". It can be easily seen that how similar the name of both the books are. So, next time, do make it sure that you don't end up messing things around. 

           Love, Life and Lust is a story of Friendship. The tag line of book itself says "Friendship hurt's sometimes, Friendship cures sometimes.." which is enough to predict that the book has lot of scenarios where the author tried to make us realize how friendship plays a major role in our lives. We don't realize it initially when we are walking on a smoother track but we do realize it once we get an assurance from a Friend that "I am with you in any condition" when we really want someone to support us. So rather than discussing about the story line, its better to say that "This book is purely and wholly dedicated to one of the most beautiful relationship in this world- FRIENDSHIP". 

             Pritesh Bhosale is a writer by chance as he himself claims this. Hence, you may not find majority of scenes to make you fall in love with them. But still, the way he has tried to unfold a story with several twists and tales is amazing. Pritesh Bhosale has completed writing this book in just 3 days. This is a great feat but he should have given little more time in improving the language, grammar and feel of the book. He has lot to learn before writing his 2nd novel. So, this is just a mere suggestion to him.

            Else, book is interesting. As I have said it above, I finished reading it in just 2 hours. So, it will definitely not frustrate you by its slow pace. The story moves quite predictably in the first half but the way the whole second half turns out to be a matured turnover, I was impressed. The book has several messages to give to the youth of today who do things in curiosity and energy without thinking about its dangerous outcome later. It has several things to say, particularly to both the genders separately. Both has different responsibility to handle their decisions appropriately such that it does not affect the life of opposite sex and one should keep them in mind at any cost. Else, Pritesh should work on the editing part of his book seriously and sincerely as its high time that people are blaming Publishers for this. And, the number of times the author has used the word "yaar" in the book really frustrated me. He should have thought about this while proof-reading. Else, this book is fine with few messages to give to today's youth. I would rate it an average. 



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