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I'm Heartless...a Real Confession by Vinit K. Bansal !!!

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           Done with another book by Mahaveer Publishers. People may read many Foreign authors and best literary Indian authors but I enjoy reading these novels by Srishti Publishers and Mahaveer Publishers because the authors whom they publish are young, and what they speak is in accordance to the youth in non-metro cities. Hence, one can easily connect to the stories published by these two publishers. As I have already decided that after reading few more books of such kind, I am going to try the literary section of novels, but still these books will remain to be my favorite. Call me a 2 rs reader or any other crap. :-) So the book that I finished right now is "I'm Heartless... a Real Confession" by Mr. VINIT K BANSAL whose birthplace is Tohana (Haryana), earned his Masters degree from Kurukshetra University and was bestowed awards both at college and university level, At present, he is working with the State Bank of India in Delhi.

            "I'm Heartless" is the book about the boy- VIREN who has been in the quest of being in relationship just like any other young boy. Finally, he finds his love in one of his friends- Rashi. He develops a good bonding with her. Everyone in their group/friend circle treated them as real couple because they treated each other as lovers. When he proposes to her, she says that she needs some more time to be sure if she thinks about him as a lover or not. He keeps waiting but never gets a proper answer from her side. In the end, when he gets to know that he'll never get her, he starts mistreating himself. His friend Max who has been through the same condition tries to bring back the courage in Viren but fails. Finally, Viren does the same that Max did when he went through the same scenario. But then, Viren's life takes a turn and he goes to Manasi who loved him right before the period when he started loving Rashi. Now, did he got well with Manasi or Rashi came back to him, or what happened next, go get the book.

             Vinit Bansal is a good writer. At least, he is good in conveying the emotions properly. He has the talent of making you smile and cry through his words. He has the skill to embed the proper words at proper place to make the story more effective and emotional. One writer should know the trick of fooling his readers even when he is not writing something special in a part of the story, and Vinit Bansal excels even here. :-) 

              The initial phase of the story is not very interesting as the author has not deepened any character's insight. You just get to know them as friends of Viren. But later on, you start getting the real touch of each character and you develop the interest in the story. The not-so-common-love-story between Viren and Rashi makes this tale an interesting read. The Freddy and Sarita's scene is the best part of this book which I'll remember everytime I'll cross the book cover of "I'm Heartless". How the person who is trapped into a one-sided love story deals with his tragedy and patience is perfectly described throughout. Max and Jiya's marriage scene and what happens after that is so so disturbing. And, the decision that every character takes in the moments of turmoil is properly executed by the author. The moment when Viren comes to know that nothing is left for him after Rashi's rude behavior, you cry after reading the way he mistreats himself. And later, how he turns heartless is the main motto of writing this story by the author. Every character who dealt with one-sided love gets to know the evil side of love and takes a decision that is so unbearable to us. 

             I will rate this book- 3.25/5. 



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