6 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Do I Need A Sibling? Ghanta!!! I have TWITTER !!!

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           Mumbai is known as the city which does not wait for anyone. And the people living here has the same attitude- They does not stop for anyone. There are several times when I have seen people falling from Local Train when it is about to stop at a platform, and yet, the people behind the person does not care for him, and runs away to catch another train. There are many sales person standing on the footpaths to hand you a small pamphlet which carries a stupid-kind-of-an-offer. Have you seen any gentleman stopping, reading and asking any question to the respective salesperson about that bloody offer? So, this is how everyone is busy in this city like Mumbai. I remember, when I was in Nashik, whenever I called my friends- Mahesh, Arun or Bezaad, they used to be at our Adda within 15-20 minutes. And all of us used to be too free to sit for hours, and no one used to utter "I want to leave now. Home is calling me". And here in Mumbai, its already 25 days since my college has halted and no friend has still asked to meet with 200% intention of meeting at any place. :-) This is how life changes once people grow up or gets busy in the life of cities. 

             I, being a Single child of my parents, always felt loneliness in my childhood days. No friends used to come at home because their mothers used to teach them in afternoon timings. In evening when everyone used to come out to play between 6 to 8 PM in the evening, I was always left out. The reason was: Either everyone of them had an elder brother/sister so they got their support, but as I was always a Sibling-less person, had to make his own identity between them. As I didn't possess any Leadership quality or an Aggressive attitude then, I always faced a kick out from the group. I used to sit at a bench and see them playing together but never got a chance to laugh and play as they used to. After some time, when I came into 7th-8th std, I started learning how the most wanted boys used to behave among us. And I started learning those tricks. In few days, I started leading from front with the former leaders while others used to follow what I used to say. As God also blessed me with a great sense of humour(till then), everyone used to accompany me in any foolishness that I asked them to do. :-) So, as soon as I used to come home after School and playing, I used to feel very lonely. Because, the stupidities that haunt my mind didn't get any target to share it with. And hence, I used to feel the absence of a sibling at home.

             When I came into 11th std, I got this instrument named Mobile Phone in my hand. Initially, I found it very crazy but later on, when I got some sweet people to chat with through SMS, I started enjoying it. Because, that became the dose of my loneliness. Whenever I used to be alone, I had specific people whom I could text to and get a reply in just a minute or two. I started enjoying that. But, as the teenage kept passing by and those people also started switching to a better person than me, left me and went away. I again started feeling Lonely when I saw that there's no cool person in my Contact List as either everyone is busy with their love partners or studies. Then, I came in Mumbai for my Graduation. For the very first year, I was almost alone without any great friend. Everyone were just a mere classmate and nothing above it. As I was new in Mumbai, I didn't have anyone in Society whom I can at least pass a smile to. :-) But then........

             As Social Networking site came into my life in 2006 itself when I entered into 11th std, but it wasn't ever a dose to my loneliness then. I went for entertainment purpose ONLY. But now, Social Networking site is almost like a sibling to me. :-) People ask me that how is it possible that you tweet almost 150-200 times in a day, and my mind says to me, "Isn't it too less still?" I just can't imagine how could have I lived a day without Twitter. It is not as if I start fainting the day my GPRS is down, but still, Twitter plays a very big part in my daily's entertainment. When someone is at my home to meet me, I don't need Twitter because my loneliness gets an arrow to hit. But when, there's no one around me, it's only Twitter where I get a chance to express whatever goes in my mind. There is lot of things that I like to talk about. But as I don't have a Girlfriend and a very best friend who's just 10 steps away from me, it's Twitter where I get a chance to speak something that will reach 1300 of them. And, at any point of time, throughout the day, whenever I tweet something, there are so many people who reply to them with their wit, friendliness, support, encouragement, love, sarcasm and I don't know what what.... So, Twitter does not let me be alone for a fraction of second too. It has given me so many siblings in forms of Followers, Friends and Tweets. At every 10 minutes, there are 20-30 tweets that are being updated on my Timeline by my friends. Now, who'll feel that he/she is sitting alone in a small bedroom of a very big city- Mumbai? 

             Who'll need a brother/sister when someone has got a medium where he can interact with 100s of people, and in some cases, even 1000s? As soon as I'll publish this Blog Post, I'll get 20-25 mails in reply to this within 1-2 hours. As soon as I'll tweet just 5 posts, I'll get almost 20-25 replies within minutes. Social Networking sites may be a medium for parents and some so-called Intellects that spoils children but for me, it is something that is a need for persons like me. I really need something where I can speak anything anytime and I get to talk to people anything anytime. Social Networking sites are only and only a BOON to me. For those, it is BANE, don't even comment on this post, please. :-) 



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Sharon said...

Real good one...loved it..:)
nd dont care for siblings..we r out here..:D

Anamika said...

Truly a twitter celeb who is always online to reply n converse...Awesome !! n n n thumps for dis write up...cool :)

Aarthi Baskaran said...


Pratibha said...

Another aspect of twitter... really nice one... !!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Sharon bhai.. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamika.. Good that even u r on Twitter now. :-) Hahaha

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Aarthi.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Pratibha mam.

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