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When a Lawyer Falls in Love by Amrita Suresh!!!

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               Aaah!!! Finally I can smile as I got a book with lots of humor and laughter moments in it. I just completed reading Amrita Suresh's "When a Lawyer Falls in Love". The book is of 230 pages published by Offshoots Publisher. It was released in 2011. My procrastination that I landed onto it in mid-2012. :-) 

About the Author: 
Amrita Suresh decided she wanted to be a novelist, while she was still a bespectacled twelve-year-old. Writing fiction, Amrita believes, is almost as enjoyable as walking her oversized cross-breed dog. This considering, both activities involve a misplaced sense of adventure.

An English Literature post-graduate, Amrita went on to do her M Phil and then worked as a faculty member at IIIT, Hyderabad. She now lives in Hyderabad with her husband and is chewing on some ideas for her next novel.

Book's synopsis:
Ankur Palekar, a third year law student believes his life is quite sorted. Except that he does not want to become a lawyer, has a family history of lunacy and has actually fallen in love. Vyas, Ankur’s roommate and best friend, has no such problems—only a girlfriend who emerges from the graveyard of all the places and insists on visiting him in the boys’ hostel. Add to it, a Malayali friend whose car never starts and vocal chords never stop, a law festival that is not completely legal and an arranged marriage which is more deranged than Arranged.

My Take:
As declared in the synopsis, this book is not just about these two boys, but it includes their group of friends comprising of Ankur, Vyas, Souvik, Jaishree, Sonali and Pavan. There are also other characters like Caroline, Bhoomika and Rohit. 

Even when Amrita Suresh is a debutante, she has impressed me a lot with her writing. She has used great vocabulary throughout the book. Actually, more in 1st half(I think to create an impression of an intellectual writer) and less in 2nd half(as you get an image of her's as an intellect). :-) The best part about her is- The way she has crafted humour and laughter moments after every 2nd sentence. This is something for which this book stands tall(for me).

The first conversation of the friends on Vyas's birthday gives you a feeling of a very good College life and Friendship story. Love is what the book is themed upon but still, there is less romance and more fun. The book does not have a single moment where you feel bored. The Astrology speech is just excellent that Sonali gives to Caroline. Even when the author chose to make this book a portal of laughter and humour, she hasn't used any Non-veg jokes(as we call it casually :-)). 

The only boring part is when story takes a turn after a character's mother's serious health case. And, as the book's title has the word "Lawyer", you expect something to know about Law student's life which you don't get to read. More than Law, you get to know about Astrology and Palmistry. Even when Author has been successful in making us laugh, I still feel that she should have created a good plot too. As the plot of the book has nothing great in it. The only thing that kept me hooked to it was the laughter moments that it created after every 2nd sentence(as I have also said it above). 

And, I am too impressed with Offshoot Publishers as they have managed to give its customer a great book quality in just 100 rs(or 75 as I got it through Flipkart :-)). Srishti Publisher's should learn how to publish a book with great cover page, tough binding and white pages in just 100 rs. I will rate this book 3 for its humour and just .5 for its story i.e. 3.5/5.



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