27 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Parents, you are as Defective as us!!! Take This!!!

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           I got a mail from a 13 years old boy for my last blog about Parents. His concern is that why do I keep talking about Parents as if they are Real God. His major query is that why don't I point out the mistakes and senseless things that parents do as humans. Actually that was quite a long mail so I had just summarized it. But somewhere he had the right point of view. I personally find some inappropriateness in my parents and in every one's but I never talk about them as I don't want any child to show my Blog to their parent and say "Ye dekho, aap logon ki maari hai". :-) But today, I would like to speak on some extremes and nonsensical suggestions that parents keep on giving and keep on expecting that we will do each of them to become what they dream us to be. But they never think about the fact that even when they are meant to be seen as God by us, they are human in some way and they need to do those things first before suggesting them to us. Right? I know many children are seeing me as their God at the moment. Ok sorry. This is too much. :-) I want you to read more and don't go away thinking that this man is self-proclaimed God. Hahaha! I know only I'm laughing on this joke. Such a loser I am!

          Every time I wear a T-shirt and my belly that is almost developing as a huge balloon becomes visible, the first thing that my father has to say is "Better start exercising". And this sentence frustrates me like Shahrukh gets frustrated by Salman in Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam (Ok Sorry again. Actually I am nervous as I am writing on something that is meant to be kept in heart :-)). Every time I fall sick or I retire soon while applying physical strength while performing some heavy job, I get to hear the same crap again "You have wasted your last 22 years of life in deteriorating your body, at least start exercising now". And he suggests me to get up at 5 AM and exercise since I was in 2nd standard (as I can remember). Why doesn't parents understand that we are not meant to do what they say, but a child only does what he sees his parents doing. A child sees right from when he starts understanding the world that his parents get up in morning at 7, freshen themselves, brush their teeth, bathe and then get ready with new ironed cloths for going to work. So a child does the same once he is able to perform his tasks by himself. If he would have seen that his parents exercise in the early morning, he would have done the same. But parents never did it. And is exercising limited to an age group? Is it not meant for those who have crossed their 40? or 50? or 60? Then why don't they preach the same themselves and then ask us to do? Hain, parents? Boliye!!

        In the same way, every father says to his child,"You shouldn't avoid newspaper. You should read each and every article of it. It will give you immense knowledge". And when you don't do it, they say "This newspaper vendor is paid every month just for you. And you aren't reading it. Such a lazy guy you are". Huh! Fathers, is your age over? Or are you the one who writes all the articles and publish them? Even you are meant to read it. As, studying and gaining knowledge does not have any age limit. Then, why don't you? If we would have seen you reading it, we would have read it too just because we would have been ashamed of the fact that our father reads it even at this age while we aren't when it is much needed to us. So next time, newspaper comes, do make it sure that both of us are reading it together. :-)

          Whenever we used to ignore our course books (in school, hence this is in past tense as I'm in college now), the one thing that every father-mother said to their children was "Hamare samay mein hum tab tak padha karte they jab tak Suraj nahi nikal jaata tha. Kabhi kabhi toh pata bhi nahi chalta tha k Suraj kab nikal gaya" Bwahahaha!!! Now, when I stay awake till 8-9 AM in the morning for studying, completing assignments, writing blog, reading novel and Bhagawad Geeta etc, I am being asked to sleep at 11 PM to take care of my health. Arre, but why? I am doing the same that you claim to have done in your childhood, right? The last time I chatted with my father, he just kept lecturing me for sleeping at 11 PM and getting up at 6 in the morning. How can I, dad? If this would have been so recommended, I would have seen you getting up early in the morning(except when you have to catch the train which is of 8 AM or something).

          In the similar way, whenever I sit my parents to watch Indian Idol or any other talent-based show, he starts "Dekha beta, how they are dedicated for their passion" or whenever a personality like Amitabh Bachchan tells about his hard work, again "Seekha karo in logon se kuch". Arey mere pyaare pitaji, Amitabh Bachchan ji aapse bhi 20 saal bujurg hai umarr mein, even you have lots of things to learn from him. And when you'll learn, I'll be proud of you so much that I'll start following you. Whenever a contestant wins Lakhs in Crorepati, "Beta, even you start preparing for this". My heart says,"Why don't you, papa? There's no age limit to participate in the show. Why only me? Why can't you? Have you achieved the BEST one can?" Paagal ho gaya hun main aaj. 

         Parents should remember that children only learn what they have seen their parents doing since they got sense. You brushed your teeth regularly, hence we did it too considering the fact that it is something which is to be followed regularly. We saw you bathing daily hence we do it. Else there are some children who don't bathe regularly because their parents doesn't. :-) There is lot of things even for parents to learn. But just because you are someone whom we are meant to consider as GOD, does not mean that you are really a GOD. You will have to learn yourself first to make your child feel proud of you so that he does the same. And therefore, when you enforce us sometimes to do bigger things and we achieve more than you, we say something in arrogance to you that makes you feel as you are being humiliated by your own child. We don't do it purposely but your continuous poking and nudging kills the patience. Understand this. Hence, the next time, you ask us to do or follow something, you start it first and then set your example for us; because for us, you are God, not Amitabh Bachchan or Sachin Tendulkar or those contestants winning lakhs in Crorepati and title in Indian Idol. We, hereby, claim that we will do whatever you ask us to, if you are already doing it regularly. Else, we will start it whenever our mind and heart will push us to. 

           Finally END. I apologize to some sensitive and conventional Parents for this post. :-)




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Ben said...

Yeah Abhilash, you have made some valid points. Being a parent to 19 and 13 years old kids, I will try to keep these points in mind.

KK said...

Buddy no one is perfect. Not even your Gods - they are specially full of scandals; not all the people you say they are your role models; not the people who run the government; no one is perfect and so your parents.

This does not mean you should write whatever you feel like writing about them.

People (your padosi, your teacher, your boss or aastha channel ka baba and here in this context your parents)preach you because you listen to them. The moment you stop listening to them, they'd not preach you.

Anamika said...

I've read sumwhere dat " Sometimes wen you're too emotional,its best to let it out and one way to channel it is into writing..It does make u feel good "..
I've realised dis many a times after reading ur posts bt today felt appropriate to mention those lines b'cos i found dat ur frustation is out in dis one n u mst be feeling good abt it n even many kids out der after reading...Bt my personal opinion is at d end of d day dey r parents n we hv to listen to them even if it irritates us...

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Vivek banerjee sir, I am happy that a mature person, a father and a renowned writer like you liked this take on mine. :-) and is ready to implement it on yourself. wow.

Writing Buddha said...

KK, I am saying it for the parents who wants everything for their child to do even when it is applicable for the people in their age too.. So why dont they do it too? Why to advise only us?

Writing Buddha said...

right, Anamika.

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