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It wasn't love at first Shalini and I by Prashant Sharma !!!

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              I have said it in my previous reviews that whenever I pick up a book by Srishti Publication, I always expect something natural and relating story. And when I have a Writer from Srishti whom I have read even before, I just expect too much from him. Because, the first timer will always do plenty of mistakes. But when he stands up for the 2nd time on the same platform for the same purpose- "Story-telling", I expect it to be perfectly described and narrated. This time, I completed reading Prashant Sharma's "It wasn't love at first- Shalini and I". I read the debut book of Prashant Sharma-"Love, Life and a Beer Can". It was full of humour and I wanted Prashant Sharma to come up with the same stuff when he publishes his 2nd. But his 2nd-"If I Pretend I am Sorry" was too intense. I am yet to read it. But finally, in this third book by Prashant Sharma, I did find the characteristics of his Writing Style for which I vindicated him in my Favorite authors' list. :-)

             Coming to the story of "It wasn't love at first- Shalini and I", it is about the protagonist boy who is too cheerful and takes life easy. But a mysterious girl who comes in his life time to time makes his life complicated for a while. This mysterious girl- Shalini does not remain to be his whenever she meets him. Every time they meet co-incidentally, after few talks, Shalini bids a good bye and leaves him behind to leave it to fate if they meet for the next time. The story of this book is spread across years of this phenomena. There are other surprising and interesting elements in the book too with this primary set-up. To know all of them, go get the book.

              Prashant Sharma is one of the most prolific author I have read. Even without using a single hard vocabulary word, he manages to write the whole book in a good language. You will not get irritated as some authors do write in childish language. He has a perfect sense of humour that keeps you turned on throughout the experience of reading his book. I would say that reading Prashant Sharma's book is surely an experience. He makes it sure that he picks you from your ragged life and put you somewhere in the Fictional world from where you can see a totally new life with a new story and desire to be a part of it. He has shown the same magnificence through this book too. And to Srishti Publishers, even when the Cover page was so beautifully designed, you didn't do justice with it by printing the Cover Page like a Scrap. 

             The initial pages of the book are very wonderful that gives you a confidence that you are about to spend your next 3 hours in a very good journey. This is indeed a very unique story.  All the characters in the book are interesting. And rather than listing all the moments in the book that made me smile, cry, think and excite, I would just say that the whole book in itself is a Sweet Experience. It's a one time read but you will never regret reading it. I am too happy to see that Prashant Sharma is improving with every work of his. I am surely waiting for his 4th book to come out. Till then, a 4/5 to this one. :-) 



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