27 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Did She Love Me? by Jyotirmoy Majumdar!!!

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               I have decided one thing for the next 10-15 books that I am going to review. If the book is written by a 19 year old author, I'll read it according to the state of mind I had when I was 19 and this is how I'll read every book that is written by authors who are younger to me. Because, when we read a book we expect a lot from the story and we do not get it from the guys who are young. It is obvious that a 40 years old man will write according to all the experiences he had in last 4 decades while an author of 19 years old will write a story according to the horizon that has been visible to him till the age which according to me is quite less to write an intellectual book. So, I only expect a Love story from them which does not have any Epic reality in it but just the same Crush->Love->Date->Break-up->Patch up and then it depends upon the mentality of an author if he wants to end up with the Patch up as the climax or Break up to make it a sad story. :-) 

              Recently, I completed reading "Did She Love Me?" by a 20-years old young author- Jyotirmoy Mazumdar. And as he is just 20, what I expected him is the same that I have mentioned in the first paragraph of this post. And, to our surprise, Jyotirmoy Majumdar has turned 20 today itself. So a very happy birthday to the young boy who has a will to write as good as possible and pass on the message to the youth of the country but struggling with the lack of experiences. The author is from Assam where a life of glamour and fame is out of reach of people's mind but still coming out with a novel at the age of 19 is a success in itself. So, a shout-out for this. Coming to the story of Did She Love Me, it is about Jayrish who shifts away from his home to prepare for IIT entrance exam. Leaving back the girl Sakshi who loves him too much, he meets a new girl in his class- Shweta. He challenges his friends- Anisha and Ritwik that he'll prove himself by winning the heart of Shweta anyhow. At last he gets her. But, Shweta is still not over the thought of her ex-boyfriend- Ritesh. This keeps troubling their relationship for a long time. And, what happens in this turmoil in the relationship, read the book yourself. :-)

              Jyotirmoy Mazumdar can't be judged in his debut book itself. I know how I used to write my initial blogs when I was of 18 years old. My English was too basic and that is what I found in this book too. I had bad experience in love then, and that is what I found in this book too. Even I gave entrance exams to get into good college, and I liked the mentions of the entrance examinations regularly in the book. In all, the author has scribbled this book for those who are in the age group of 15-20. That's the target readership for this book. Any children in this age group will like this book as they'll feel its their own story. The initial poem on the very first page is wonderful. And to be more precise, all the poems written in this book is commendable. One more part, anywhere where the author has used Hindi sentences, he has made it sure that he translates them into English too. As that's the language in which the book is written which some authors forget now-a-days. Some moments in this love story are surely unique. Like, I won't forget the Chocolate Kiss and I will definitely try it with my girlfriend if I get one soon. :-) Friendship with Anisha and Ritwik is beautifully described in the beginning of the book. The story clearly wants to send a message across that never play with your academic and professional life for a silly girlfriend. One day a Relationship will break and you will die regretting that why did you leave your relationships, dreams and goals aside. 

             The major drawback of this book is English that is too basic. Author is surely someone whom I am targeting for this but to Diamond Publications, I would like to say that- Editing is a major task of a Publishing house. If you're unsuccessful in doing it, the readers will never want to pick up a book from your publication again. The friendship with Anisha and Ritwik that is depicted so nicely initially, is totally neglected once Shweta is introduced as a girlfriend. Once, when Jayrish has a fight with Anisha, it is just stated in a sentence without describing the fight. That shows the lack of commitment writer has with every character in the book. Even Ritwik is sidelined as if he is not even in story. So there are some points that I would like the author to work upon and work little slowly for his 2nd book rather than running fast to get it published soon. Read at least 50 books that are written with great skills and quality. 

                In the end, people below 21 will enjoy this book, go for it. 



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Good review Abhi..

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