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YOU & Me & Our relationship by Nikhil Mukhija !!!

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            As Chetan Bhagat said in one of his seminars- "The worst scenario that the youngsters are facing now-a-days is how to get our crush as our die-hard lovers", we, the youngsters are seriously going over the top to eliminate the relationship status of Singleness and add our Relationship partner soon on Facebook to surprise all our school friends that even a loser like us can have a sweet better-half. There are many of us, who till the age of 25, get successful in being in Timepass relationship(as we call it) for more than 3-4 times, while there are some who stay single throughout their life only to get married to a girl from their village being arranged by their parents. A reason why they have been single throughout their youth period is THAT fear of getting rejected and insulted from the one whom they love. And to your rescue, "This- Engineering student by his karma at Uiet, Kurukshetra hailing from Panchkula; Smitten by the Love bug,aspires to pursue marketing from a premier B-School; Apart from writing, pretends to be a Poet, a Singer, a Debator and spends his time studying psychology, philosophy, programming, stage handling and marketing- Mr. Nikhil Mukhija" has tried to eliminate THAT fear from the boys who are still scared to approach their crush/love through the 32 chapters of his Non-fiction book- "YOU AND ME & OUR RELATIONSHIP". 

               YOU AND ME & OUR RELATIONSHIP is one of the most rarest book by an Indian author on this topic, else we have seen almost all the authors writing a fiction story on the similar topic. This book deals with almost all the factors that is stipulated to think about a girl before approaching her for a relationship. According to the author, you will fail without working on these factors. And even if you shall pass the first step of getting into a relationship with her, you may end up being a Dumped Guy after few days/months. And result would be- Either you will get too depressed to be of any use to this World or you will try your best to commit suicide and vindicate yourself in the list of "Losers" who didn't even think of his parents before dying on a silly reason of a girl's rejection. :-) Let me tell you personally, this book is not about getting your girlfriend who will turn your wife tomorrow, it is simply about how to approach the girl you started liking during your infatuation period and succeeding in making her your girlfriend. It's just about this. Because, the one with whom you shall marry will equally love you, you will not have to struggle so much to get her. Right?? (Sorry, Nikhil :-))

              First thing that I would like to say about Nikhil Mukhija is- He is one of the writers who came into the writing world by chance, but rather than taking it for granted like others, he is trying to be ambitious in each stage of his book's success. The book is still in its initial stage, but I wish this one to get bigger so that the guy gets motivation to write more such books on analysis and great observations. Even when I didn't agree to some of his perception on relationship, few of them were really thought-provoking and made me realize that "Yes, ye bhi galti ho sakti hai mujhse apni girlfriend k saath deal karne mein." :-) 

              Coming to the book, the initial chapters are uninteresting and give a wrong impression of the book. It seems as if author just started writing before thinking of how to begin with chapters, but finally, the 5th chapter bought the interest in me to accelerate my reading speed. Then, "Impact of Mass Media" is sensibly written. "Early Bird catches the Worm" is the best of Nikhil's interpretations. "Myths about the opposite sex" is a 100% heart-winning chapter of this book. It is too perfect to believe. :-) And the last chapter of this book- "Suicide: Is she really worth it?" is the best chapter that the author chose to end his book with. Also, he has described this chapter more than any other chapters of this book to make it sure that any guy who would be thinking of doing this cowardly act will back off from his silly idea, and will live to gain something as Nikhil says in his Book-Profile too "Behind every successful guy there is a girl who rejects him, but then had she not dumped him, he would never have been successful!". The second half of this book is very very impressing. I found no flaw in the second-half. I am happy that Nikhil, nowhere, focused on the term "Love" but he made it sure that this book is targeted for those who want to impress their "Crush" or the one on whom they are "Infatuated" to. 

             Some drawbacks of this book- As, I have said, initially the book is uninteresting. Rather than using "YOU" for several times, author could have used "WE" to make it sure that the failed guys reading this books may feel as if author is also one of them. Hence, it could have bought more effect in the personality of the reader. And I have a big problem with one suggestion that is given by Nikhil- "of developing the sense of humour". I personally feel that Sense of Humour is an in-built talent/personality which can't be developed(I may be wrong). Some Generalized Statements on girl is hard to digest. Because, not all girls are same. And to the Publisher of this book- Please correct all the Spelling Mistakes that you have avoided in the first print. 

                As its hard to rate a Non-fiction book, I would prefer this book as a High-priority Recommendation to those who don't have guts to approach their Crush/Love, to those who think that Girls are the only target of life and to those who have broke up within few days of relationship and are still in doubt that what went wrong. Go For It!!! And the Girls, please don't read this book as you'll know all the secret that it is being told to loser like us :-) No, you can read too, because some times, even you fail. 



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Vaibhav Mule said...

Nice I liked your Reviews and I like your blog and the way of your writing and internet marketing skill that i have seen here that is "you are with FLipkart" :P i think you got me.

Writing Buddha said...

Vaibhav Mule, Thanks for the compliment that you have given me for my reviews and blogs... And, let me inform you that I am a student.. and Im not working anywhere.. That flipkart banner is just for my readers to purchase it online from where I did..

Anonymous said...

Hello Abhilash...CongratS on your book launch..You must be surely having a flair towards writing..Love happens..and makes a gr8 change ..but its interesting to know that one pens down the whole big sack of feelings to the world..It needs guts.. Hats off to you n Ravin..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks anonymous, would have love to know your name too.. :-)

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