7 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Ignore Potholes, Enjoy MONSOON, Mumbaikars!!!

599th BLOG POST -->>

       Every Delhi-ian and Mumbaikar were getting burnt in Sun's heat from last 2 months. While Mumbai kept burning in 35 degree temperature, Delhi defeated its rival city by turning into ashes under Sun's domination of 45 degree torture. If you would have stopped any Mumbaikar in last two months and asked," Sir/Mam, what change do you want in your City right now?", the respective Sir/mam would have replied,"Idiot, obviously, monsoon". And FINALLY!!! It rained yesterday for the first time and made Mumbai the Best City to travel by giving it what it is known for- MONSOON!!! As per the historical surveys and stats, Monsoon reaches Mumbai on 9th June every year. As the Sun stared me everyday with its "Bitch Please" expression whenever I requested it to go away, I was sure that Monsoon will come once in 100 years just as that Venus thing happened this week. But, who knew that God will stare at the sun and vociferate the same words that it screamed at me "Bitch Please" and kick it away. And I'll get to taste Mumbai's first Water drop on 6th June itself. 

           As it is said, Rains are different for different people. For most of them, its adventurous. As soon as the Rain hold their town for 1-2 weeks, they schedule a program to some Hill-station near the town or a visit to a Waterfall at the Mountain nearby. Or, some like me and my graduation friends, start planning to go to Water Kingdom to have more fun with million liters of water at a single place. Actually, the main reason for which we are waiting for Water Kingdom trip is- The peak season ends and the Ticket are being thrown at us in discounted price. Yes, we are too cheesy and chep at times. :-) But I am seriously waiting for Water Kingdom to slash its Entry fees so that I can visit that Wonderland or Waterland(in that case) as soon as possible. I'm already sitting at home from last 3.5 weeks without a glance of a single beautiful girl. And I expect them to accumulate at Water Kingdom on the day when I'll be swimming like a lusty lion in WK's Wave pool. :-)

            For the rest majority of people, Rains is the sign of being Over-romantic. They plan to visit different places from where they can get a romantic outlook of it with their partner. In my city, you can find umpteenth number of couples at Marine Drive, Gateway of India and Juhu Beach. What can be more better for these Boyfriends who love the body of their Girlfriends more than their nature and attitude. Huh!!! They get a chance to see the shape of their body when their girl's cloth gets drenched in the Rain Water and huge waves? Some of them who are lucky to get birth in an Open-minded space, gets consent to travel to Alibaug or Lonavala with their college friends. But, even these open-minded classed parents does not know that the College Friends comprises of only Couples or just the romantic partner of their son/daughter. The Dear Foolish Parents!!!

            For some, these Monsoon rains is a Memoir.Memoir which makes them release more water from their eyes than the amount of water that Water Kingdom claims to have in it's horizon. :-) They remember the times when they were with their sweet and loyal(as they used to think about them) partner whom they can't trace now as they left them behind and went quite ahead in life. Last monsoon, they splashed in water with you, this monsoon they will be rolling in the Flooded water with another partner. What this category of people get is: A role in adding more water in their surrounding through source of their eyes. Sometimes, even their eye glands surrenders but their will to cry doesn't. I will personally suggest all my dear friends to remain away from this class of people at least in this beautiful season else you will end up screwing your Monsoon. :-) Thankfully, I never got a partner who kissed my hands in rain and threw our umbrella to show her beautiful figure in her drenched cloth, otherwise the format of this blog post had been different today. :-)

             There are many memories that I have with Monsoon. Actually, I will be talking about those that have touched my mind just now. :-) My school used to re-open on 11th June(approximately) in every damn academic year. What I hated was- When the world used to enjoy the Rainy season, I used to sit with my father to get my books covered with that Brown scrap, and once that was done, read some English lessons so that my parents can chill that their son has started studying before the school began. And once the school begun, I hated the wounds and scratches that bloody rough Gumboots used to give to my unfledged ankle and feet. I hate those Gumboots even today. And more of this, I hated to wear the bloody raincoat every day before getting down from my School-bus and then again wearing in classroom after the last bell of the day used to kill our ears. 

             But now, when I'm in Mumbai, the city which is known for unstoppable and interminable rain, I enjoy every bit of the season. I love seeing couples scratching each other in every damn garden. :-) I love girls settling their wet hairs behind their ears just to showcase their real beauty. Real beauty because the make-up gets chipped away because of raindrops. :-) I love Local Train running on its track slowly and steadily just to be safe from the storm that wild rains give birth to. I like sitting in my classroom and enjoy the dark environment inside as the black cloud showers its blackness all over the college campus and building. Now-a-days, I fold my books under a plastic bag first and then keep the plastic inside my college bag as I know that Mumbai rains are something that you can't stop to touch and sabotage you by the reaction of Umbrella or any other prevention. So, I prefer to keep my Umbrella in my bag and move around like a Hero in Mumbai Monsoon. Yaa, some may think that I'm the same boy whom they saw in a picture that they were tagged on Facebook by a friend which was captioned as "I love walking in the rains as no one can see my tears" :-) This time Monsoon is going to be special for me as I will be admitted in to a purely new course and if God wishes, a new college too. And if I'm too lucky, I may get a new girlfriend/crush too in my class. :-) I'm looking forward to this Monsoon just as Salman Khan's fan are looking forward for the Eid to rush into theater for EK THA TIGER. :-)

      Enjoy the SEASON!!!

      Thanks. And YES- THE NEXT is 600th BLOG POST. Which is fortunately arriving as a gift to my readers in this MONSOON. :-)


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Shival Gupta said...

I think the people in Delhi call themselves Delhi-ites, if I am not wrong. There was even a Jimmy Shergil movie on the word play of that word called "Delhi Heights" :)
Great post nonetheless.

Anamika said...

Feeling good after reading dis one.. Niiiiiccccceeeeee !! Happy Monsoon...:) :)
Keep going...

Anonymous said...

Writing about monsoon and that too about monsoon in Mumbai is difficult.Because there isn't much that has not been said earlier about this beautiful city.But you did a tremendous job out of it,as usual,by sharing your own memories.Great post!!

Advance Congrats for your 600th post.


True Review said...


Please have a look, I have guts to write but nobody is here to support. hope you will support me

Writing Buddha said...

Shival sir, Ohh, I didn;t have this idea about Delhi and hence I was confused while using Delhi-ian :-) Thanks for letting me know.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamika.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot Avantika. To happy to read so good comment for this blog post.

Writing Buddha said...

True review, whats this? :|

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