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Poor Indian Graduate Students by Anish Sadanandan!!!

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             As it is obvious and known to everyone that the first book which 90% of youngsters has picked up from a bookstore is a Chetan Bhagat novel. I am no different. But after reading all the four novels of Chetan Bhagat, the one that I went for was Mandar Kokate's Oh Shit Not Again. And once I read and completed it, I saw that the book gave a serious competition to Chetan Bhagat's 4th novel- 2 States in the Bestseller Chart as it was released in the same month. Everyone was astonished that how can a debutante give a competition to Chetan Bhagat. But he did it and Mandar Kokate became one of my favorite author after Chetan Bhagat. But, rather than writing his 2nd book, he started getting other newcomer authors published. Out of 7 books published by his Expression Publication, I have read the 3rd one today. It is debutante- Anish Sadanandan's "Poor Indian Graduate Students" which he abbreviates as PIGS too. :-) The cover page, title of the book, author's name, tag line, synopsis, book binding quality and almost everything is attractive. Hence, I picked it up. 

             The book is about the Indian students who go through a superficial life during their Graduation times, then Master's Degree and also the earning phase of their life. The book also consists different scenarios of how a boy keeps falling into the trap of different girls during this exploring age of his life. 

             Anish Sadanandan has a good writing skill but it didn't satisfy me. He wrote the whole book as if he is writing his own life story for someone whom he is going to get married or for his 20 years old son whom he wants to explore life like him rather than living it too sincerely. He just keep on narrating story in the same flow which does not impress someone who expects some full-of-fun conversations, funny scenarios and something that has sweet suspense into it. This book is almost what anyone can write. Actually, I would not have hated this book that much if it would not have been from Expression Publication. My last two experiences with the Publication's books were terrific and hence, I was expecting a lot from this one. The book promises that it is Fictional Humour but I found it hard to laugh throughout the book. It was only once or twice that I really laughed. Else, it was just like one of the blog post written by a College student. When the boy runs away from Vedika's house when her father comes home is something that really made me laugh too much. The part where author describes that Mumbai and Delhi, both are annoying cities in respect to how people fight to prove one of the city as a better one is something I liked very much. 

             The story is very very ordinary. It does not have a thing called "Plot". It's just a narration of one's life. Too much mention of girls take away the interest that you start taking in the life of the protagonist. His affair has been shown with more than 4-5 girls which is seriously annoying to even imagine and digest. It seems as if one's autobiography is written with little amount of fiction that is being inserted because of some pressure. I am dissatisfied with this book. I hope I will get a better experience in reading the next book that is also a Expression Publication's published book. 



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