27 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story by Abhimanyu Jha!!!

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             The last two experiences with Srishti Publication's books has been mixed. To one, I gave 4 stars while to other, I gave 1 star. But still, the next book that I chose to read after these two was again from the same publisher helping the Publication house to score a Hat-trick. :-) This time I read the debut novel of IIT/IIM alumnus, now the entrepreneur who runs Talent Bridge- Mr. Abhimanyu Jha. The name of the book is " A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story" which also has a tag line that says "When love won over terror". The book was published in 2011 after 3 years of the terrorized event that took place at Mumbai which is popularly known as "26/11" on which this book is based on. Firstly, kudos to Abhimanyu Jha for writing on this topic so brilliantly. It is not easy to create fiction on something like this until and unless you don't have a proper research's data with you. And one can't take these issues lightly while writing because there are many people who are emotionally connected with the event. Hence, Abhimanyu Jha should be respected for doing things appropriately while scripting this story.

            A Dilli-Mumbai Love story is not about a boy from Dilli and a girl from Mumbai meeting co-incidentally and then getting involved into an affair as every writer is writing now-a-days. But both- Aniruddh and Apu are from Delhi. They meet and then lots of thing happens between them and finally they get married. Aniruddh belongs from a family who never want their son to marry a girl from different religion but still he does. While Apu is from a family where her mother is no more while her father is too friendly to deny anything. But, after the marriage the love remains as it was before the marriage but other things create differences among both of them. Now, how after this, the couple lands to Mumbai and becomes victim of 26/11, go get the book.

            Abhimanyu Jha is a very good writer. He knows how to begin with a story, how to keep the interest alive in reader even when the story is not moving forward with a great pace and how to end the drama. He is very good at humour which is obvious from the one-liners that he has used periodically in the book. He knows the basics of writing a sensitive topic. He has researched well before writing this one. The book is one of the best I have read recently. Srishti Publication should be proud of publishing this one. This book should get a honour by getting into the Top 10 Bestseller List once. I just can't see this book getting sidelined in front of other books by stupid writers. In all, the journey from the First page to the last was incredible. I enjoyed each and every page. There is nothing that was dragged or exaggerated. 

            Some sequences that I would like to name out of many that stole my heart- When Aniruddh goes to meet Apu's father for the first time and the conversation that takes place between both the males. Every scene where Aniruddh is shown interacting or dealing with Mr. Gill and his sister-Aaru is amazing. The best romantic scene was when Aniruddh gets sick at his friend's farmhouse. Another one is when he fights with his father over Apu and the sequences that happens after that. The book is too Bollywood-ish and I would rate it as a Sibling to Chetan Bhagat's 2 States. I almost got the same feeling while reading this one even when the story line is completely different. The only drawback that I captured while reading was the drama that went over the top in the climax. That was too filmy and the author could have managed to keep it bit normal. :-) Else, this book is a perfect one to keep it with you. I rate it 4 out of 5. And Mr. Abhimanyu, I am waiting for your 2nd.



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Dude...what is this....A festival of reviews....woww....I will read it every review by sure ....will comment also.... :)

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Hahaha.. Wanted to give a big surprise to the review readers who follow my blog space for reading it.. :-) I have finally published 12 reviews today. Enjoy. :-)

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