27 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Life Unplugged by Bhavya Sharma!!!

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             Sorry for the excessive overflow of Book Reviews today. Already 11 has been posted and this is the 12th one. But I promise no more are coming at least within 24 hours from now. You can stop abusing me. :-) Finally completed reading Expression Publication's published Bhavya Sharma's "Life Unplugged". The book has an extremely attractive cover page having the tags of every thing that the book contains in its story line. Bhavya Sharma's picture is enough for the girls to pick up the books while browsing the books in bookstore. :-) Today itself, Bhavya Sharma is celebrating his 22nd birthday. A Very Happy birthday to you, sir from ARB and its readers. We hope that you will keep writing entertaining stories and entertain until your fingers stop you to do that. :-) For my readers let me tell you that Bhavya Sharma is pursuing his Post Graduation from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. And he gets angry whenever someone gives more emphasis to the "a" in the end of his name. :-) He is also the co-founder of Guiding Light that is involved in Career assessment, Personality assessment, Career Guidance, Self-realization, creative workshops in schools & for NGOs. Amazing profile at the age of 22! 

            "Life Unplugged" is the story about how the teenagers get to know new things when they enter in Junior college after giving their 10th std board with innocence and pressure. How they develop friendship with some raunchy guys and how they get involved in those extra-ordinary activities that they only saw in movies but never dreamed of applying those in their own life. How they struggle for exam, how they cheat, how they argue with parents, how they understand what friendship is and what betrayal is, how they get excited when they see girls and many other elements of being a Junior collegiate. BUT, this book is written in a perspective of a boy studying in a BRANDED school like DPS. And as the IITIANs have helped us know what goes in IIT hostels and campuses through their books, Bhavya Sharma has let us know how DPS school's students are also involved in the crazy stuffs. To know the more about the book, purchase it. :-)

           Bhavya Sharma has written the whole book as an autobiography of his. At least it seems so as it doesn't have any over did element. Even when some extra ordinary activities are indeed a part of the story line, it seems as it is possible and it would have been the real experience of the author. But as it is promised on the cover page that its a Fiction/Humour, I didn't find any such humour while reading it. It is a light read that one will enjoy reading but nothing that will make you laugh like a crazy Laughing Buddha. But one thing is indeed sure. If I would have read this book when I was in 10th std, I would have enjoyed lot more in my 11th and 12th std. :-) The synopsis of the book is perfectly written as it does not claim any thing that is not in the book. So read the synopsis of the book and if it amazes you, surely go for this one.

            At least, the children in school and those who are yet to enter in a Graduation college, should surely try this one. They'll explore their college life more. :-) All the characters in the book is being given equal treatment. As the book is set in Junior college's scenario, there is nothing about Sex and Lust and those elements that could have been inserted and made this book a monotonous attempt too. But thankfully, it is more about how the intelligent students too end up screwing their life by getting distracted for exciting things around them. This book is actually for all those who belong under the age group of 14 to 20. And for those who think that the schools like DPS, Ryan are only meant for studies and not for fun. :-) I'll rate this book an Average attempt. 



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Good Review... :)

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Raja.

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Adult Driving Course said...

Anyone can tell a good read from a book that will potentially waste any reader's time. This is very suitable for the younger (not too young) age group to read. The lives of teenagers or the teenage experience more like through the author's own writing.

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