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Zero Percentile-Missed IIT Kissed Russia by Neeraj Chhibba!!!

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             Whenever you see any paperback format of any 200-230 pages book by an Indian author, you term it as "chick-lit" without giving a thought of trying some of them to give an analyzed judgment to your statement. But still there are readers who are interested in reading the ordinary Love Stories by Indian authors as they find it familiar to theirs. Recently, I picked a National Bestseller book named "Zero Percentile" with a tagline of "Missed IIT Kissed Russia". For once I thought that it's a Love story but I still took courage of reading it. And I am so shocked to witness that the book has nothing about Love (as primary or even secondary topic) in it but still had a tagline which can misguide many that this boy missed a chance on an IITian girl and finally landed up in succeeding with a Russian. But it has nothing of such story line in it. This book is 2000 times better than my imaginary plot. :-) The author of "Zero Percentile- Missed IIT Kissed Russia" is Neeraj Chhibba who was born and raised in India but studied his engineering at Russia, where he spent almost 7.5 years of his life. He is currently employed with a software company in India. And I would say, one of my favorite authors from the moment I finished reading half of the book. :-)

            The book is about Pankaj who has a perfect childhood with his friend Motu aka Gaurav and Priya. He passed all his childhood with both of them and loved more than anyone else. Finally, he realizes that he has a strong feeling for Priya but he feels awkward about it as he belongs from a lower middle-class family while she almost lived a life of a Princess. Hence, he promises himself that he'll try to be of the level Priya is. He tried for IIT but misses because of some uncertainties. Then, he lands up in Russia to study the Engineering equivalent course. But, with studies, he faces lots of different worldly elements in Russia which matures him as a Human being. He realizes and observes many different aspects of a Human life and nature. And to go deep into the inspiring life of Pankaj, go get the National Bestseller book.

            Neeraj Chhibba is a wonderful writer having the power of language to express even the tiny things so intriguingly that you remember each of them even after completing the book. Even when the story is lengthy, it didn't bore me for a single minute. I completed it in one go. And I thank Neeraj Chhibba for taking me away from India for few hours and let me enjoy the country of Russia. :-) 

              One of the most powerful story line I came across in last 3 years. The childhood story of the protagonist in 1970's is so wonderfully described. The way India was then lets you know the kind of life your parents had. The description of every character and even describing the whole family background of each one of them right from their great-grandfather's history makes you feel as if you are watching a Blockbuster movie in a multiplex. The funny scenarios where the protagonist and his friend-Motu has to deal with sophisticated and rich Priya made me laugh out loud. Minute things of childhood and school is also recorded with emotions that makes the book unique in itself. The fight that the protagonist had with Khalid and Hassan over food which was equivalent to World War 3 at the hostel in Russia was so fun to read. I didn't want it to end. :-) The way the struggle and fight against it of the protagonist is narrated, gives you a confidence that even you can survive in a country where people don't even understand English. At least, I have got the confidence of moving to Russia in next 24 hours. :-) When Pankaj bribes the Russian teachers for marks is something that has also given me the confidence of bribing teachers for my internal assessment. :-) When Pankaj's story is moved from India to Russia, you forget all the characters of India and get in love with the new ones that are introduced. 

              This book will give you confidence of dreaming big even if you have failed miserably in your school/college/professional life. The book has been successful in making you know how the Big and Small things of Russia is. It lets you know how can one leave family, friends, attachment if one have to do something extra-ordinary in life. In short, this book is too good to be missed. I just can't stop writing good points about the book. The only two drawbacks that I couldn't ignore are- Initially it becomes difficult to get the flow of story. And the climax doesn't mention about the Sirs who taught him for IIT. It would have been little more exciting to have them in the end. Else, I am rating this book 4.4/5. Go for it, undoubtedly. And Yes, this book also has a Sequel to it "Zero Percentile 2.0". I am about to begin it in 5 minutes. :-)



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