25 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Zindagi of CHETAN BHAGAT - LIVE !!!

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        My auspicious readers keep complaining always. Their complains are so sweet that even I don't understand that my current performance is best or I have to change my writing style. 2 to 3 months back, everyone had the complain that I keep on showing my life without thinking that how pellucid it is getting and there's nothing left about me to be made familiar to the public. I thought that may be I am wrong that I am unbosoming all my life on the blog and I am not keeping anything up to myself. I stopped it and I started writing about my views on current issues and I also started raising social awareness. I thought now people will not complain and thus there will be no accusation in the near future. People loved it for 1 to 1.5 months and now they are again complaining that the main motive behind ARB is lost. We can't find you anywhere. We can only find India or any issue on ARB. We want you. So finally I am bringing a little change in myself. I will keep transforming myself into both the bifurcations regularly and seemingly. So that both will be happy - The Author and the Reader. Fine ?? Smile now and don't blame me now.  ;-)

             Today I saw the episode of Zindagi Live on IBN7. What a show. Very beautiful. The motive to see the show today was nothing except the guest who was invited on the show. Let me tell you something about the guest. He was very naughty in his childhood. He always scored in Top 15 out of 50 students in his school times. In his 10th board, he scored 76%. He always felt that examiner did some miscalculation. After that he did his 12th with normalcy. There was differences between his parents and thus he thought of moving to IIT to stay away from his parents. He didn't had any idea about why was he doing IIT Engineering. He did it because he always felt that there will be only good in doing this even if he dislikes this. He did it quietly. After this, he found that more than machinery, he loves people and he is comfortable with them. He thought of doing something where he will come to know about different people and their nature and attributes. So he took admission in IIM. He gave his best performance here and he also achieved the Title of Best Student from the college.

                After IIT and IIM - 2 of the best courses available in our country, he got a job as a Banker in Hong Kong. He earned lot of pennies there. But he used to be frustrated with his Boss. He felt that why should I suffer the domination by this man even when I have studied so much. He wasn't happy even after all this. He kept thinking about what should he do so that he can be happy and smug. He remembered the days of childhood and school when he used to love writing plays and stories. He started writing his first novel while sitting at his table in his office. He thought of retaliating his Boss in this way itself without letting him know that he isn't working but he is writing. In the process he completed his first novel and he started searching for a publisher to publish and distribute it. He got rejected from everywhere. This continued for 1.5 years. He was hurled for 8 to 10 times. But suddenly he got a publisher who was young himself and new in the profession. The 19 year person agreed to publish the book of this yet-t0-turn-into-an-author who was born on 22nd April, 1974. 

               The book came out and didn't did well in the starting days but as the days passed the curiosity in the youngsters and readers went incredulous and everyone read his first book. He became the loving mascot among youths. But he wasn't confident still about his writing skills whether he will be able to keep people stuck to his writings or not. While doing his job as a banker, he published 2 more books and both of them also got the vindication in the Bestsellers list. This man got famous as the best novelist from India. He won the Society's Young Achiever Award in 2004 and Publisher's Recognition Award in 2005. He also got listed in the Top 100 Influential People by Times Magazine. Now he decided to end the career of banking and get devoted to the very own passion which bought success to him - Writing. He passed sleepless nights and infinity of suggestions but in 2009, he finally ended the banking career after 11 years and got devoted to writing. He also achieved to be the regular columnist in 2 leading newspapers - Dainik Bhaskar and The Times Of India. He published his 4th novel after leaving the job which also got the best recognition and turned out to be the Bestseller again. 

               He is working on his 5th novel currently. He had also written a script for a comedy movie as an experiment and is ready to make a film on that. He is searching for a good producer and director. His 2 novels out of 4 has been given the face of a Bollywood movie. First one ended to be a very big disaster after which people said that your stories are only meant for novel purpose and it can do nothing in the film queue. He didn't got despondent and he sold the rights for his 1st book to a big producer and director of Bollywood. The film turned out to be the Biggest Movie of Bollywood in the terms of collection. His 3rd and 4th novel are under process to be made in a film. 

              I hope you understood about the personality I am talking about. He is our Chetan Bhagat. He needs no introduction. I have showcased his whole life in my blog just now. I hope all of you got the preview of his life. I always admire him and I read all his articles, blogs, speeches, tweets, books and everything just to see myself in him or him in me. Today, he gave this interview at Zindagi Live on IBN7 and I learned so much from him. He said that it looks good in movie when the hero does what he wants to and becomes a wildlife photographer or a big scientist but the fact is that you will have to own all the stipulated degrees by the society and our education system. After that, you earn a germane amount of money and then think of fulfilling your dreams or living your passion. He said people think that passion is first and then other jobs. He asks the audience that just tell me if I am hungry and someone will ask me what you want to do at this moment - Write or eat? I will definitely clamor EAT. So passion is done only when you are fulfilled and there is a big back up and support behind you. 

               He also said that not only the Success is important but the people in life and the friends in lifetime are much more important than success. If you loose friends or close one in the quest to achieve success , you will always feel lonely even after getting everything you dreamed off. He also says that people run behind Success. So the day you will meet failure all of them who showered plaudits on you will forget who you were. He says that Ranbir Kapoor is a superstar now so if people come to know that he used to eat bhutta in his childhood, even that becomes glamor. So, don't run behind success, be with people, understand them and wait for the right time to come. Don't proceed like anything. It is not indispensable that if it happened with me, it can happen with everyone. He also says that don't lose belief on yourself. Its better to be over-confident than under-confident. I just loved this. He shared a lots of pieces of wit and I grabbed it. I am surely going to implement them in my life. I want to a be a writer too and I have always seen myself at the place where Chetan Bhagat sir is sitting right now. I hope I break his records. I know I am dreaming big but still he himself says that being Over-confident is better than being under-confident. I am still waiting to be replied once by Chetan Bhagat. I hope he will reply me as soon as possible. I love him so much. 

              Its all for today. Thanks. A big Salute to Mr. Chetan Bhagat. We are waiting for his 5th novel.


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hamaarethoughts.com said...

Good luck abhilash!!
C Bahgat is my fav too..thanks for share his story!

Writing Buddha said...

thank u mam for wisihing me... Hope ill turn into a big writer too.... And yaa.. Chetan bhagat is everyone's favourite. Thanks.

Anangkr said...


wonderful topic to pour here,abhi.
I wonder in between all those assignments n stuffs how do you get time to watch and write these..?

I liked his theory about dream and money,he sorted me out of a dilema.
Theres no doubt he has become a youth icon,i still remember how impatient i was the day his 4th novel was realeased, 'if i would be 1st among my friends and relatives to read it or nt...? ' Though i completed it within half day.

Writing Buddha said...

I am so happy and interested to read that how u were crazy to read his 4th book at the very first. the same is going to happen with me on his 5th novel.. I am hoping it to come in the next year's first half...

And Dude, After all this assignments and stuffs, I get the time to watch this and write blogs by reducing the time of my sleep.. I sleep only for 3 to 4 hours daily..... I struggle a lot to keep my blogs updated...

PULKIT said...

loved the article... will try to catch the show in the repeat telecast, chetan bhagat is awesome...I met him last year in december

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Pulkit.. How did u met him? Plz tell me.. And how was ur meet with him? and thanks for liking the article..

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