30 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

After Chetan Bhagat, Its Tanveer Singh !!!

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        So a great achievement to get a reply from Chetan Bhagat and now moving ahead in the life. Today, I came in contact with one more published author - Tanveer Singh who has written ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE. I am just so happy today to meet a new author again. It is always wonderful and incredulous to talk to the people whom you want to be like. I want to be a writer and thus I feel myself so lucky that I have got all the possible opportunities and luck to get into the personal relations with these authors. Did I ever dreamed about this 1 year ago when I started publishing blogs? No. But today, without really aiming at this, I am in contact with 7 to 8 Authors, what should I demand now? S.R. Saha, another published author is in relations with me. I am grateful to God to have such great peoples in my life who are there to help me whenever I need them. Today, Tanveer Singh helped me a lot with some doubtful question I had about how to publish a book and I got all the answers. He is great. Hope I'll utilize them and publish an excellent novel. Days are still away from this fate to take place. ;-)

            Today was my last official day in college. It was so delighting as I went with a friend to enjoy at the same hangout place I always go to. We still have some unofficial classes and I hope to attend them (as I don't want to). I have numbers of assignments still to accomplish and gift to our madam to see some blithe smile on their faces. That blithe smiles aren't for the completion of assignments but it reflects their pleasure in troubling us for some hours with the given assignment. Great Teachers !!! 

            Now the Preparation Leave starts. We also have the Prelims in the month of November. We have the whole month of November to study and give our best in the exams which are starting from December 06. I don't expect any immaturity from my side but I think that I'll repeat it as I have always done in my life. Haha. What should I say on this? Now-a-days I don't feel like concentrating in my books and the fundamentals described in them. It is strange but true. A student shouldn't talk and behave in such a manner. Oh Sorry. Sorry for terming myself as Student !!! ;-)

            The month of October is coming to an end and November is smiling at us. It is welcoming us with the big hopes and opportunities which we have never experienced before. Life is a game of reading new pages which we have never ever seen before. This is the modus operandi of Life. Diwali will be celebrated in the very first week of November and hence it will be a fun to start November with the biggest festival of India. Now, I'll also have to start cleaning house with my mother from tomorrow. 

           Lets Hope for the best. I had no topics today and so I am up with my faaltoo talks today. I will give some matured talks to my readers tomorrow. 



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