6 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks For The Birthday Wishes - Special Mentions !!!

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        Kamaal Kartey Ho Yar Aap Bhi !!! Hum to sirf paida huye they, aapne toh paidhaaish safal kar daali !!! Aap sabhi ko main teh-dil se dhanyawaad karna chahunga ke aapne hamara janamdin yaad rakkha aur hamein uski badhaaiyaan di !!!! Aap sub hamesa hamare dil me rahenge aur aap hamari jaan se kamm nahi hai !!! Ab mujhe lagta hai k agar maine isse jyaada Hindi bol li to aap log aagey padhenge nahi, to ab Premchand ko chchodtey hain aur firse Chetan Bhagat pe aate hain !!!

             The time passed so fast and quick that I didn't even realized it. I had to write this blog last night but as it was my birthday and everything was shining and the day was bright, I thought to connect with my readers a little later. I didn't took much time and I am here with you today. Everyone is asking me that How was My Day ? It was brilliant, rocking, unexpected and a huge day. I never knew that people would love me so much in the coming years. I am 21 years old finally. I am matured and I am eligible to marry now. Girls, start making me as your choice. I am waiting for your parents to approach my parents. Don't worry, I'll not reject anyone. I am little better than Rahul Mahajan. He rejects 16 and marries One. I don't reject anyone and I marry everyone. ;-) I am sure that now no girl will propose me for marriage. Haha !! My PJ apart. Let me tell you how was my Birth Day !!!

             Late night, at 12 AM on 4th October, I received some sweet SMSes and 2 to 3 calls from the wonderful peoples who were racing among each other to Wish me first. Prashant Nepte won the competition in the category of Phone call and Prema Rajput won in the category of SMS. ;-). After that, I heard some romantic songs and slept. In the morning, I woke up early. First time before my mother. Got ready for the college as the Birthday clashed with the bloody Monday. After this, went down and brought the Chocolates for my classmates. I thought of raising the standards so rather than distributing 1 rupee Chocolate, I purchased 5 Rs Dairy Milk for every one in my class. Haha. Conclusion : Standard Really Proliferated. I came home back and my mother prepared the Tiffin for me and wished me lovingly. She wished me in the night itself. After that, I went to temple at 8.30 AM. I prayed to Sai Baba. Sai Baba Temple is in my area. It is known as Chchota Shirdi and it is really no less than that temple. I read the whole Sai Chalisa in the temple which I normally read on Thursday on my fasting days. Prayed for some good lucks and future to my dear Sai Baba. I know that he will bless me like he always does. I donated some money in the temple which are meant to feed the poor children. I'll not divulge the amount as it is not germane to reveal the digits.

              Directly, went to station and then to college. It was nice with friends and classmates. Distributed the chocolates and shake the hand with many girls. This is the biggest advantage of the birthday that all the girls come to you and hold your hand. Your Hand made up of skin costs the price of Gold on your Birth Day (This one is not PJ - Haha). After this, went to Kharghar to meet my friend Gaurav. Luckily met one childhood friend - Rahul too with him. It was nice meeting them. I gave them a treat at McDonalds. All the pocket got vacant there itself. Poor Birthday Boy. This one is the biggest disadvantage of the birthday. After the McD's treat, I took Gaurav and brought him to my home with me. Luckily, he had scooty so on my birthday, I got a ride on the dark roads of Mumbai too at 8.30 PM. Went to the Chinese Restaurant directly, packed some food and came to home. After coming to home, celebrated the birthday with Mummy and best friend - Gaurav. Wow !!! What a Day !!!

               The whole day was filled with lots of wishes from all the possible friends who were in vicinity of contact. There are many for whom I am not important, they didn't wished and this is what made my Birthday the best as there were no unwanted entries on my birthday. I would like to thank each and everyone who wished me personally on phone calls and SMSes.

                The people who wished through phone calls(All the name are in series in which they called) - Prashant Nepte (The 1st one. Thank u Sir), Papa, Mahesh, Sohail Mulani, Yusuf, Fahad, Megha, Ranju Buaji, Niharika Didi, Danish, Nikita, Hirana Mam, Nihal, Anjali, Sonu(I missed his call. Sorry bro), Garg Uncle, Anju Aunty, Nidhi didi, Dinesh Chacha, Surbhi Chachi, Rajesh Chacha, Rashmi Chachi, Manju Mausi, Mahesh,Priyanka and Vasim. In all, I got 26 wishes through phone calls. Wow !!! Thanks to everyone and Sorry to the people jinke naam main bhool gaya hu likhna. Plz notify me.

               The people who wished through SMSes (All the names are in series in which I received their messages) - Prema Rajput (The 1st one. Thank u madam), Arun, Suresh, Zaheer Bhai, Papa, Prashant Nepte, Aparna Singh, Rahul Bhai, Arya, Mohsin, Abhinav, Prasad, Saquib, Tushar, Mausaji, Rohan, Pranil, Sonu, Nikita, Archana, Sohail Shaikh, Benish didi and Pratibha. In all, I received 23 SMSes wishing me birthday. Thanks to everyone and plz forgive me if I have forgot to mention you.

                I received 45 Wishes on Facebook, 10 wishes on Orkut, 5 wishes on Twitter, 4 on Blog and 2 via email. In all, I received 66 wishes on Internet. I would like to thank everyone who put an effort to come to my wall and publish your wishes and greetings to me. Thanks a lot.

                In all I received 115 Wishes. The wishes which I got on my face would be something around 40. So in all I have received 155 Wishes. I don't think that I have ever received this number of wishes in any of my birthday. Thanks a lot to everyone who make my day and my life successful and charming. People are asking me that what is the best gift you received on your birthday. Its a Novel gifted to me by Abhinav - My childhood friend. It's the same novel which I wanted to buy from last 3 to 4 months. I always dream that someone will gift me a novel. As all of you know that I am crazy for writing, so as obvious, I am a big fan of reading so I expect a novel or a book from someone on my birthday. Abhinav fulfilled my dream and untold wish on my 21st birthday, I am very happy for this. Thank you Abhinav.

                 Now, I have landed into the 22nd Year of my Life. I want to pray Sai Baba to give me the longest and the happiest life. I hope my next birthday will be more rocking than this one. Thanks a lot.

      Muaah To Everyone who wished me. 


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU no more a birthday boy. 


9 CoMMenTs !!! - U CaN aLSo CoMMenT !!!:

Prashant nepte said...

But where is the cake man......

Writing Buddha said...

ohh sorry prashant i forgot to mention it. I bought it from monginis.. Will mention it in tomorrow's blog..

hamaarethoughts.com said...

..Abhilash Happy b;day ..God fulfill all your wishes..and successful life ahead you r so innocent and clear hearted person..God Bless!!

Unknown said...

I just loved ur way of thanking every one..may god bless u and all ur desires be fulfilled. All the very best for upcoming challenges.

Unknown said...

i just loved ur way of thanking every one. God bless u and may all ur desires be fulfilled....all the very best for upcoming challenges.

Writing Buddha said...

Oh thank u mam... I am so humbled to hear this from u.. U r also sweet and very nice otherwse nowadays people never compliment anyone.. Thanks a lot mam..and thanks for blessing me..

Writing Buddha said...

Hey my dear sweet sister, thanks a lot for coming on my blog and reading it.. It always feel good wen I see that people like u r in touch with my blog who arent touch with me in real as v arent in the same city... and thanks for liking the blog and wishing me.. love u dear..

Gaurav said...

Happy Belated B'day!!

Nice blog, keep up the good work.

Writing Buddha said...

thanks gaurav.. and hope ull be in touch with my good work. haha

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