3 October 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Report Card for September (Best Result Till Now)- 2100+ Visits !!!

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Stat for September
            So, as a Blogger, I have to take care of my readers and their expectations from me. So, as always, I am writing this post to share my report card of Blog for the month of September. September has been little weak for me as I have posted just 19 posts. I expected that I'll post at least 25 but it wasn't possible as I wanted some of my blogs to get attention. As a Blogger, I keep planning about how to write and what to write and when to write. This makes it possible for me and my readers to interact with each other pleasantly. September has been the best month for my Blogs till now. Yes. The month of September broke all the records of Visits on my blog. Either its for an hour basis, day basis or monthly basis, My blog broke all the records. I never expected this huge response from my readers. But you all made it possible last month. I am little late with the progress report but at least I am there.
             In the month of September, I tried to showcase my hidden genres of writing. I keep on writing about me and my life. But this month, I tried to write more about the trending topics in India and in the world rather than giving updates about what happened in my life. I missed my connection with the friends but I had to do this as many people raised accusation on me about my topics and my ability to write on them. I wrote 19 posts last month. I wrote the first blog about Janmashtami. The month started with the festival. After that i wrote about the difference in the thought of Sachin Tendulkar's father and my father. After this, on 5th September, I wrote 3 blogs on teacher's day. My teachers appreciated the posts and complimented me for them. I also wrote about the hatred I have on the celebrities who come on reality shows just to promote their films. I also wrote on the sensitive issues as burning of Qurans, The festivals of Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh Visarjan, Daughter's day and the birthday of Lata Mangeshkar. I also wrote about some personal events too - Like a fight in my class and my view on the fighters. lolz. I also shared how I was crowned Mr. Fresher last year. I gave the whole details of the best presentation given by me and my group. I wrote on sports too - Champion's League and CommonWealth Games. Every blogger were pointing about the bad experiences the India is witnessing because of Common Wealth Games, I tried to show the positive aspect through my Blog. It was special and people loved it. I also shared an article about Bloggers published by Hindustan Times. 

             So, all of you would have got the whole analysis of my blogs. This month was specially special because I posted my 300th Blog Post in this month itself. I used 63 hard vocabularies in them which was highly appreciated by some of my regular readers. My 300th Blog Post got more than 1000 Visits in 1 week. This is the highest any post has ever received on my Blog. I also received 121 Comments on my 300th Blog Post. This is also the highest comment on any post from me on my blog. I didn't wrote any post for 1 week after publishing this blog post. I got 242 visits in a day on my 300th Blog Post once and 190 in an another day. This are the Highest and second highest visits I have ever got in a day. Three Published authors - Mrs. Varsha Dixit, Mr. Azhan Ahsan and Mr. S. R. Saha posted their comment on my 300th Blog Post which is more than expected. I am literally happy and proud of my readers who keep giving their response. I got more than 2100 Visits on my blog in September which is the highest ever in any month on my Blog Post. I have also completed 200 Posts in the year 2010 also in this month itself. I also completed 100 posts under the label of Subject Talk on my blog. September really went rocking with less Blog Posts. Superb !!!

              October has started. I hope this month will be fruitful for my blogs. I will try to so my versatility in this month too. I have my birthday in this month itself. We also have many festivals coming in this month. I will try to write about everyone of them. So friends, keep loving my blogs in the same way. I need your comments. So please give your feedback whenever you read my Blog. I have planned a new theme and the new look for the blog for my readers as a gift on my birthday. I hope that you like it more than this dark colored theme. I am hoping for a positive response on the new theme. 

              Thanks. Keep reading my blogs in the same way. 


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